How long does it take to travel to saturn

how long does it take to travel to saturn

How Long Does it Take to Get to Saturn?

It took these two spacecraft about 3 years and 2 months to reach the ringed planet of Saturn. The nearest star (after our Sun, of course!) is Proxima Centauri at a distance of light years. At a speed of 17 km/sec (such as what the Voyager 1 spacecraft currently has), it would take about 75, years to reach Proxima Centauri. Jun 30, †Ј In the past spacecraft have taken greatly different amounts of time to make it to Saturn. Pioneer 11 took six and a half years to arrive. Voyager 1 took three years and two months, Voyager 2 .

Answer: How long it takes to travel anywhere depends on how far you want to go and how fast you move. For space travel, distances are very large. So the rate at which you travel is what makes a woman want sex important. However, two other factors play an important role.

One is that you rarely travel in a straight line between any two destinations and the other is that if you want to stop some place like Saturm missions to the Moonyou spend a great deal of your travel time slowing down. If you can't slow down, you would just shoot right by your destination and keep going into deep space! To achieve this speed, tzke traveled in paths which allowed them to use the gravitational pulls of objects in our solar system to increase their speed.

It took these two spacecraft about 3 years and 2 months to reach the ringed planet of Saturn. The nearest star after our Sun, of course! This may explain why we are not planning any trips there at present! A site for ages 14 and up. Laura A. Whitlock Curator: J. Privacy Policy and Important Notices.

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10 Need-to-Know Things About Saturn

And at the median point, when Earth is nine astronomical units from Saturn? At that point in both planetТs orbital trajectories, it would take about seventy-two minutes, or one hour and twelve minutes for light traveling from Earth to Saturn to reach the gas giant. How Long Would It . Short Day, Long Year Saturn takes about hours (no one knows precisely) to rotate on its axis onceЧa Saturn УdayФЧand 29 Earth years to orbit the sun. And in the movie Interstellar, the wormhole that enables the astronauts to travel to another galaxy appears near Saturn. Saturn revolves or orbits around the Sun once every Earth years, or once every 10, Earth days. Saturn travels at an average speed of 21, miles per hour or 34, kilometers per hour in its orbit around the Sun.

Here is how long it takes each of the planets in our solar system to orbit around the Sun in Earth days :. Mercury : 88 days. Venus : days. Earth : days. Mars : days. Jupiter : 4, days.

Saturn : 10, days. Uranus : 30, days. Neptune : 60, days. A year on Earth is approximately days. Why is that considered a year? Well, days is about how long it takes for Earth to orbit all the way around the Sun one time. A year is measured by how long it takes a planet to orbit around its star. Earth orbits around the Sun in approximately days. An Earth year is actually about days, plus approximately 6 hours.

Read more about that here. All of the other planets in our solar system also orbit the Sun. So, how long is a year on those planets? Well, it depends on where they are orbiting! Planets that orbit closer to the Sun than Earth have shorter years than Earth. Planets that orbit farther from the Sun than Earth have longer years than Earth. A planet orbiting close to its star has a shorter year than a planet orbiting farther from its star.

NASA needs to know how other planets orbit the Sun because it helps us travel to those planets! For example, if we want a spacecraft to safely travel to another planet, we have to make sure we know where that planet is in its orbit. Scientists who study Mars also need to keep a Martian calendar to schedule what rovers and landers will be doing and when.

Mars and Earth are always moving. So, if we want to land a robotic explorer on Mars, we have to understand how Earth and Mars orbit the Sun. Watch this video to learn more about the Martian year.

How Long is a Year on Other Planets? The Short Answer:. Here is how long it takes each of the planets in our solar system to orbit around the Sun in Earth days : Mercury : 88 days Venus : days Earth : days Mars : days Jupiter : 4, days Saturn : 10, days Uranus : 30, days Neptune : 60, days.

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