How to connect macbook pro to lcd tv

how to connect macbook pro to lcd tv

Connecting Your MacBook Pro to Your Desktop LCD or LED Monitor

Feb 23,  · The easiest and most common way to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV is via an HDMI to HDMI connection so we will start there with the next steps: Plug in the HDMI cord into your MacBook Pro and the other end into your TV. Go to the Apple menu on the upper left of your computer screen and click on System Preferences. May 28,  · How do I connect my MacBook Pro to an LCD TV (with HDMI and S-Video ports)? I assume I would need to use the DVI to Video adapter that came with my computer to connect to my LCD tv. I'm just not sure which port I should use on the TV. The HDMI port is being used for digital cable.

If you have a nice laptop computer like a MacBook Pro, you probably spend a lot of your time in front of the screen. A MacBook Pro is cnnect great option for just about anybody whether the computer is intended for work or for entertainment.

Even though these computers are hpw, sometimes the display is just not quite big enough. This means that sometimes you might have the need or desire to get a larger display so here is a look at how to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV. The obvious reason to connect your MacBook Pro to a TV is that the display screen is going to be much larger. A 13 or inch MacBook Pro is capable of high-resolution graphics and maxbook provide plenty of entertainment but if you really want to enjoy a movie or play games, a larger screen is just better.

You could synch up your MacBook Pro to a TV and enjoy a movie from a cozy couch or in bed hv than trying to squint to see it on your computer. I personally use a lot of music production software, including Logic Pro X, and having an extra monitor can really help improve my workflow.

This extra display read: best external monitor also comes in handy if you are doing other tasks professionally or as a hobby such as film or photography editing. You can leave multiple windows open across several displays and get tf done really fast. Connecting your MacBook Pro to macboko TV how to test readyboost performance also be convenient if you want to improve the audio quality output.

Most MacBooks have built-in speakers but they are limited in quality and overall volume due to their compact size. By connecting your computer to a TV you can utilize the speakers on the Tg to improve the sound quality and volume over the built-in speakers on your MacBook.

Depending on which model MacBook you have, the steps may be a little different due to the outputs you have on your computer and the correct cords needed to connect it to a TV. If you have a current model MacBook Pro and the right cord, connecting to a TV can be as simple as plugging in the cord to both devices. Older computers might need an adapter to accomplish the task.

The first step to take when connecting your computer to a TV is to look on the outside of your MacBook Pro to determine what type of video output it has. Over the years Apple laptops have had 6 different types of these outputs. Your computer may have one yo several of these depending on when it was made. The next step is cconnect determine which type of input your TV has.

Like your computer, the macbkok of video input port your TV has can vary by brand and year of the device. These inputs are usually found either on the back of the TV, along the side panels, or on the bottom panel.

To do this follow these steps:. If you have different outputs or inputs, the process to get setup is entirely the same once you find the right cables to make the connection. You might need to find an adapter to make this connection happen but they ot typically easy to purchase online. You just need how to hear a cell phone conversation make sure you have the right cords and adapters to connect your computer to your TV.

Save my lro, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A lot of people these days view much of their macbool from their computer. Another hoa is that you might want an extra monitor for whatever programs you may be running.

Go to the Apple menu on the upper left of your computer screen and click on System Preferences. In System Preferences click on Displays. From here, click on the Arrangement tab. If you want your TV to show the same images that are on your computer for movie watching, etc. If you want to use your TV as an extra monitor, leave Mirror Displays unchecked.

To do this follow these steps: Go to the Apple menu in the upper left of your computer screen and open System Preferences. Click on Sound. Click on Output. Click on TV.

What were your reasons for doing so?

Why Connect MacBook Pro to TV

Jan 23,  · Connect the computer's output to a video input on the TV, then on your Mac, hit the Apple logo, then "System Preferences," then click "Displays." . Mar 20,  · On my MacBook Pro the two Thunderbolt 2 ports use Mini Display Port connectors. On my MacBook Pro there are three ports that can be used to connect the Mac to a TV: the HDMI port on the right or either of the two Thunderbolts 2 ports on the left. Your best choice will be the HDMI port but the Thunderbolt 2 connectors will work fine as well. Jun 18,  · Connecting my MacBook PRo to my LCD tv. Thread starter hotskate; Start date Jun 17, ; hotskate. Joined Nov 8, Messages Reaction score 5 Points 18 Location Arizona/ New York Your Mac's Specs 15” Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo, GHz, 4GB, GB HD Jun 17, #1.

Subscriber Account active since. These days, as more and more people are watching their movies and TV shows via a streaming service, the line between computer and television is growing ever more blurred. But even if you're watching a show via Netflix , chances are your big flat screen TV is going to offer a better viewing experience than the computer you use to go online.

Connecting a Mac to a television allows you access to the world wide web on a much larger screen. Using a TV with a Mac can also give you a second monitor, making work or gaming more productive and enjoyable.

And in many cases, you can even connect two external monitors or TVs at once. To check your Mac's compatibility with external video hardware, click the Apple logo at the top left of the screen, then hit "About this Mac. A webpage will open that has info about your Mac's external video capabilities; just scroll down until you see "Video Support" and read the info below it. Note, however, that TVs don't always make great second monitors, as dedicated computer monitors, which are designed to be viewed up close, usually have much better resolution than a TV.

Connect the computer's output to a video input on the TV, then on your Mac, hit the Apple logo, then "System Preferences," then click "Displays. Selecting "Default for display" will let your Mac automatically find and select the best settings for your monitor. A quick Google search can help you find the right app for mirroring your Mac to just about any smart TV.

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