How to curl your hair with small curling iron

how to curl your hair with small curling iron

Aug 22,  · A step by step video on how to curl your hair with a curling Aug 14,  · In video: Kenra Volume 25 hairspray, Aquage Uplifting foam, Claw clip, Duckbill clips, comb, mirror, 1 inch Hot Tools spring curling iron with heat setting option. Here is a link to YouTube in case you are having trouble: How to curl your hair with a curling iron.

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Curling your short hair is a great way to change-up your look! The curling process is really easy and only takes about 20 minutes. Start by sectioning off half your hair, then clamp 1 inch 2. Release the clamp to reveal your beautiful curls. Repeat the curling process on the rest of your hair to transform your look. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Download Article Explore this Article parts. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Part 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Leave your natural oils to build up for at least 1 day. Wash your hair days before you want to curl it. This allows the natural oils to build up, which makes your hair look shiny and helps it to hold the curls better. However, don't apply any additional oils to your hair, as this can make it look greasy and will weigh it down.

If you do wash your hair right before you curl it, make sure that it is completely dry before you start curling it. You can either air dry your hair or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray before you curl it. Coat the lengths of your hair with a heat protectant spray to help prevent heat damage.

Pay particular attention to the ends of your hair, as these are most easily damaged by the heat. Purchase a heat protectant spray from a pharmacy or from the hair care aisle at the grocery store.

Apply a texturizer to your roots to add volume. If your hair has a tendency to look thin or limp, use a texturizer to make it look thicker. Sprinkle a thin coating over your roots and massage it in with your fingers until you can no longer see it. If you have very dark hair, use a texturizer that is designed for dark hair, as this won't make your hair look chalky.

Tie up the upper half of your hair with a hair tie. Use a comb to gather the upper half of your hair and secure it in a bun. Divide your what to buy an eight year old for her birthday from ear-to-ear and scoop it together with a comb. This makes your hair easy to section off and clamp in the curling iron. If what to look for when collecting hot wheels hair is too short to tie up, use an alligator clip to secure the top layer of your hair instead.

For best results, use a hair tie rather than a scrunchie, as this is less likely to get in the way of the curling iron. Don't worry about parting your hair. If you want a specific parting, create this once you have curled your hair. Plug your curling iron in to heat up. Plug your curling iron in close to a mirror and leave it to heat up for minutes. Adjust the curling iron to the low setting if you have very thin hair or coloured hair. If your hair is thick and healthy, opt for the medium or high setting.

The higher temperatures tend to set the curls better, but they can damage your hair over time. Experiment with different settings to find the lowest setting that effectively curls your hair. Use a thicker barrel iron for loose waves or a thinner one for tighter waves. The diameter of the barrel determines how tight your curls will be. Use a 1 inch 2. Part 2 of Clamp 1 in 2. Squeeze the handle of the curling iron to open it. Then, take a 1 in 2. Hold the iron in a vertical position and wrap the hair evenly around the barrel.

Don't allow the curling iron to touch your scalp, as this can cause burns. Keep the hair on the iron for 10 seconds and then release it. Avoid holding your hair in the curling iron for longer than 10 seconds, as this can cause heat damage. Squeeze the handle of the curling iron to release the curl from the clamp.

Support the curl in your hand for a few seconds. When the curl is first released from the clamp, it will sit quite close to your head. Place your hand under the curl for a few moments to allow it to set. This creates tighter and longer lasting curlings. As another option, secure each curl to your head with an alligator hair clip. Let them continue to set while you finish getting dress. This can create tight curls, such as pin curls. If you want very loose curls, skip this step and allow the curl to drop to its natural position.

Curl all the hair that isn't tied up, starting how to curl your hair with small curling iron the front of your head. Repeat the curling process with the rest of your untied hair. Start at the front of your head and work your way to the back of your head. Then, curl the hair on the other side of your head and once again work your way to the back of your head.

Use a mirror to check that you have curled all the hair at the back of your head. To do this, stand in front of a large mirror, then use a handheld mirror to look behind you. Release the rest of your hair and curl it. Untie your bun to release the upper half of your hair. It will be easy to distinguish from the rest of your hair, as the bottom layer will be much curlier. Use the same curling method to curl the rest of your hair.

Start at the front of 1 side of your head and work your way to the back of your head. Then, start at the front on the other side of your head and work your way to the back of your scalp. Spray your hair with hairspray to set it in place. This is a great how to add fractions with a different denominator to make your curls last all day and also helps to tame frizzy hair. Lightly spray your hair with the hairspray and add extra coats throughout the day, if needed.

Look for a hairspray that doesn't contain alcohol, as alcohol can dry out your hair. Yan Kandkhorov Hair Stylist. Yan Kandkhorov. Yes, the direction that you're curling your hair matters.

Your curls will flow in the direction what is synergy organic and raw you curl them, so you have to pay attention to how to install sandisk micro sd adapter. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. A lot of people end up with creases in their curls because they don't roll the iron consistently as they're putting the curls in.

If you pause every couple of inches or you hold the curling iron in place for too long. You've got to use a smooth, consistent motion when you're curling. It totally depends on the style of curl you're going for. If you want kind of wavier, looser curls, then you should start in the middle of your hair. If you want stronger curls that will hold their shape for longer, start at the bottom and work your way up.

How To Use A Curling Iron For Beginners

2 days ago · Types of hair curling iron. Curling hair with an iron is one of the simplest and most effective options among which we can choose if we want to save some money on the hairdresser. Curling our hair offers some clear advantages over other methods, such as the fact that the curl thus obtained is not permanent.

Yeah it all seems pretty basic. Turn the curler on. Wrap your hair. Dazzle with world with fantastic curls. Sadly there are many frustrating little things you could be doing wrong that keep you from enjoying near effortless carefree curling like you see happening all over Youtube.

You can jump directly to the fix you need or take a leisurely stroll through all the tips and tricks found here. Most all of us have one. From how to wrap your hair, the direction to wrap it, to ways to insure your curls last this is a good place to start. Section off a smaller strand of hair and clamp it with the iron no lower that towards the middle. I feel the closer to the your roots the better actually. But in the middle is a good compromise.

Curl away from your face while slowing feeding the ends across the iron by releasing the clamp while twirling the iron.

When using a curling iron a flexible hold hair spray is best to hold the curl without stiffness or crunch. Ideally such a hairspray should not only give you flexible hold, but should also fend off humidity and thus fight frizz, and add a natural-looking shine. CREASES: Now if creases are a problem for you pay close attention around the five and a half minute mark when she discusses a common mistake that results in dents from the clamp every time.

In other words you want to be wrapping your hair around the barrel not the clamp initially. Then she offers ways to to use the iron to build volume in the crown. Good to know ideas if flat hair on the top is another concern for you.

But sometimes using one finger to rake your curls works best for a more controlled curl. There you go. Admittedly this is not the perfect curling iron intro video.

Just pointing out a little known tip for those struggling with getting their curls to stay. Still she is a stylist and does cover many of basic curling iron techniques in detail that beginners need to know. In this video she uses a one inch curling iron which she feels is best for shoulder length locks. The idea is the longer your hair the bigger the barrel you want to use.

With the understanding that bigger barreled irons will tend towards waves not curls. An even smaller diameter than one inch is probably best for hair shorter than shoulder length.

Also in general smaller barrels will give you a tighter curl. First you need enough heat. So you want a curler capable of that kind of heat output.

For that reason a coating on the barrel that will minimize that risk, like ceramic, is better than chrome plated for the health of your hair. Yeah playing dirty works for some yet not others! Instead apply dry shampoo to the roots for lift and added staying power. To help with the hold a nice strong hold mousse comes in handy. Something like Joico Power Whip Whipped Foam link to Amazon helps maintain the curl and may even help your strands resist humidity so be less frizzy.

Fifth , never just drop the curled hair off the iron to hang around as it cools. This gives the curl a chance to set before it starts its fight against gravity. Finally many feel an inch and a half barrel is best for thick hair. That way you can get loose curls by curling bigger sections of hair or tighter ones by working with smaller ones. Now for a slightly different approach from the first video.

Never hurts to get a second opinion, right? Step 1 After roughly sectioning your hair top and bottom, using your eyebrows as your guide, clip off the top part out of the way. Step 3 Grab about an inch wide section of hair , open the clamp and slip the hair between the barrel and clamp starting in about the middle of the strand. Step 4 Glide the iron down the strand twirling the hair across the barrel and away from your face,.

Repeatedly release the clamp just enough so you can slide more hair over the iron as you move the tool down the strand until the ends are on the barrel. Using your thumb and index finger to manipulate the opening and closing of the clamp. Step 7 Catch the hair and let the coiled strand cool down in your hand for at least five seconds.

A bit longer if you can. Only difference on the other side of your head is you want the clamp facing upwards. The trick is learning how to manipulate the clamp. She makes it look easy but it will take some practice to get the hang of it. Practice best done with a cold tool by the way.

You see you never want to clamp the curler on the ends up and then wrap the hair around the barrel as you go up towards the roots.

Making it a surefire recipe for a split ends disaster. Instead start clamping near your scalp twirling your hair across the barrel gliding your tresses over it while tapping your hair with a finger. The ends, being as delicate as they are, should be most responsive to the heat and should require the least amount of time on the iron to get the curled results you want.

You see you slide the iron to the ends with the last inch or so of hair under the clamp. Then you start rolling your hair up from the ends over the clamp instead of over the barrel. Because the last little bit of hair is folded over or double backed over the clamp.

Like this:. The clamp is on the right and barrel to the left. So where clamp and barrel meet is where the kink is created when you curl the wrong direction on the iron. I tried to focus on the four second clip that shows the problem unfolding.

Unfortunately the video is disabled for remote viewing. You can still click play and watch it on YouTube. When you do the part to pay attention to is between 25 and 29 seconds.

If need be slow the video play speed down to. That fold is what gives you your crease. This is a very important question to get answered. So for sure there is no one temperature that fits all hair types. Because the best temperature for your hair depends on the type and density. Coarse thick hair will naturally require more heat than thin fine hair to curl or wave.

So to best answer this what we did was check out user manuals of several popular brands of curling irons. Even with this, the best advice when using any hot styling tool for the first time is to select the lowest setting and test it on one small section of hair.

Leave the hair on the tool for like seconds. No more. Over time gradually turn up the heat until you find the setting that works best for you with this tool.

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