How to fix a scratched xbox cd

how to fix a scratched xbox cd

5 Ways To Fix A Scratched Video Game Disc

Jul 25,  · Where I saw this method: THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE DOING ANYTHING OR COMMENTING ANYTHING!!! Although it is not always possible to fix the game disc of an Xbox when scratched, there are a few steps you can try before buying a new game. Blows into the disc to remove excess dust. Gently remove persistent dust from the disc with a clean, dry brush. Use a lens cloth to clean the disc in a .

How do you fix a scratched game disc? The scratch or scratches on the game disc are preventing the console from reading the game. Therefore you cannot play the game. How do you fix the scratched game ASAP so you can play it?

Below we have many tips and tricks to help you to fix your scratched game disc. Video game disc scratched — How to fix. Please note: Scratchfd video game disc with major deep scratches will most likely need to be professionally resurfaced by a machine that buffs and fixes CD discs.

All game consoles discs can be fixed using the scratch removing methods below. Rubbing Alcohol Method: Get how to use photoshop 6 lint free non scratching cloth. Rub outward from the center lightly and gently.

Do not rub with extreme force or this could damage the game further. Rub gently outward until the scratch either disappears or becomes less visible.

Once clean and dry, put the disc in the gaming console and see if it worked. Repeat this method if necessary. Toothpaste Method: Use a small dab of the gritty type of toothpaste. The gritty toothpaste can act as a mild abrasive and will remove scratches from the disc.

To use the toothpaste method, get your finger wet first. Slowly wipe and move the what a wonderful world chord chart into the scratch on the disc. Do this using an outward motion always in a straight line. From inner to outer. If you rub the scrafched in big circles it can make more scratches.

So always rub from in to out or out to in, never left to right or in circles. Rub the paste for about one minute. Once you have rubbed the scratch for 60 seconds, put the disc under the faucet and wash off all of the toothpaste. Use a clean soft lint free cloth to dry it once washed. After this method, try putting the game disc in your console and see if it fixed scratchev issue.

Banana Method: Use a banana that is peeled and cut in half. Use a half of the banana and gently rub it into the disc scratch from inwards to outwards. Repeat many times. After you have rubbed the banana on the disc, run the disc under warm water and remove any banana residue.

Dry off the disc and see if it plays in your console. Skip Scratdhed Fixer Method: Purchase a small disc scratch remover machine that is made to clean and buff your game disc to remove a scratch. These inexpensive machines can be found online for cheap.

This is a good investment as if you have this issue again you have the machine to clean the disc to remove the scratch. Video game scratch fixer. Petroleum Jelly Robbie robertson how to become clairvoyant review Rub a small amount of a product such as Vaseline hlw the scratch. Let sit for 60 seconds. Next gently rub the Vaseline off of disc by using an inward to outward motion in a straight line.

Remove as much of the jelly as possible. Make sure disc is clean and dry and put it into console to see if the jelly method worked. Try The Professional Method: Go either to a place like Gamestop or a professional disc scratch repair company. This will make it so the console can read the disc and you can then play your game. Fix scratched disc. Do you have any other methods for fixing a scratched video game disc? Please let us know scrathed leaving a comment below. Eyeglass cleaner worked like a charm for me, had scratches all over my resident evil game for the ps4 and after a while almost all of them were out, only has like 3 or 4 scratches.

Using toothpaste colgate high speed Dremel with arbor and buffing pad hoq stiched layered type and fat pencil and ones knee and of coarse safety glasses seems to work damn good for deep scratches. Practice on un wanted disc first to get talent. How to stop my dog from play biting me works every single time.

Just clean the disk with hand soap and water. Been doing it for 18 years and it never failed once. Any console too! Thank you for the Toothpaste info. You saved cf from needing to buy the game again to replay! Thank you so much! I used the vasoline way and I thought it would have broke my disc but I decided to try it anyways and it worked thanks. Use some sort of car polish or t-cut with a fluffy cloth and take 2 mins to buff with some pressure and it will be like new.

That brought me here. I did exactly what this article told me and now instead of 2 big scratches I now have 2 big scratches and an area covered in tiny scratches where the toothpaste was applied.

I gently applied some jelly over the needed area, waited 1 minute and gently wiped it off with a lint free LCD screen wipe.

But give the petroleum a try, it might smooth over smaller scratches. The toothpaste worked for me — remember, only rub it in a straight line and also only do it from The centre outwards outer Motion. Also I may only work on smaller scratches which is what I had. I can vouch for it! The Toothpaste Method works! I had to xblx it a couple of times but it worked! Either way thank you so much! Your email scrstched will not be published.

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Jan 11,  · In this video i am going to show you how can you fix a scratched disk of xbox , one and scorpion as well as you can fix playstation 1 playstation 2 playst. Jul 30,  · Don't throw out that scratched CD; if you have toothpaste at home, or a banana, you can resurface it yourself.

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This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Xbox consoles use a laser to gather data from the surface of your Xbox game discs. If your disc is scratched, the laser is refracted and will result in skipping or a failure to play. You can use toothpaste to sand down the plastic around the scratch, allowing the laser to read the disc again.

You can also use lip balm to fill in the scratches with wax. Tip: Make sure you're using a melamine foam eraser. If you need to fix a scratched Xbox game, first, rinse the disc with warm water and dry it with a microfiber cloth. As you dry, avoid using circular strokes and instead wipe from the center of the disc to the outside or you might scratch it more. Once the disc is dry, grab some plain, white toothpaste and smear a small bead of it onto the scratched area.

Then, use a cotton swab to buff the scratches out with the toothpaste in small, circular motions. Give the disc another rinse once the scratches are buffed away and put it in your Xbox to test it. For more help, like how to melt away the scratches with a lamp, read on. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Article Summary. Method 1 of Rinse your disc off with running water. Lip balm often works to fill scratches in game discs. First, remove any excess dirt and grime by rinsing the disc off with running water.

Get a plain lip balm. Use a lip balm without any colors, flavors, or glitter. Apply the lip balm to the scratch using straight strokes. Run the lip balm up and down the length of the scratch. Do this several times so that a fair amount of lip balm is applied. Repeat for any additional scratches on the disc.

Use a soft cloth the buff away the excess lip balm. After applying several layers to the scratch, use a soft cloth to buff the balm in small circular motions. Continue buffing until all excess wax has been removed. You should notice that the scratches are much less visible than before. Try the disc again.

After you've buffed out all of the excess lip balm, you can try using the disc again. Make sure all of the excess balm has been removed before inserting the disc into your console. Method 2 of Rinse off the disc. Before applying toothpaste, give the disc a rinse to get rid of any excess dirt and grime. You can use warm water to rinse the disc off in the sink. If the label is peeling off of the disc or if there are physical cracks, you won't be able to fix them.

Dry the disc off with a soft cloth. Use a microfiber or other soft cloth to dry the disc off after rinsing it. When drying use straight strokes from the center of the disc out to the edge. Avoid circular strokes. This will help prevent more scratches. Get some toothpaste. You'll need the proper toothpaste in order to effectively fix your disc scratches.

Toothpaste works by sanding out the rough edges of the scratches, allowing the laser to read the disc properly. To get this effect, you'll want a plain white toothpaste, preferably one with baking soda. Note: Avoid gel-based toothpastes, or toothpastes with whitening agents.

Apply a bead of toothpaste to a scratched area on the disc. Apply a small amount of paste directly to a particularly bad scratch on the disc. Use a cotton swab to buff the length of the scratch in small circles. Use a small cotton swab and buff along the length of the scratch in a tiny circular motion, much like you would wax a car.

Run along the entire length of the scratch. You don't need to apply much force, just continue gently buffing in a circular motion. Continue to buff the scratch until it fades or completely disappears. You may notice some new finer scratches created by the toothpaste, but the big scratch should be nearly or completely gone. Repeat for additional scratches. Repeat the buffing process on any additional scratches, using a small amount of paste for each one.

Rinse the disc and dry it off. After you're done buffing out all of the scratches, you can rinse the disc off with water and dry it again using your soft cloth. Method 3 of Find a lamp with a 60 watt bulb.

Heating the back of your disc can slightly melt the plastic coating and fix minor scratches. You'll get the best results with a desk lamp using a 60 watt bulb. Avoid using heating methods that apply a lot of heat, such as a stove.

This will likely melt your disc beyond repair. Stick with a 60 watt bulb. Note: Low-energy bulbs may not give off enough heat to melt the top layer. Let the bulb warm up for minutes. This will ensure that it is giving off enough heat to melt the outer layer. Hold up the "read" side of the disc 3 inches from the lamp. Hold it close enough that you can feel the heat from the bulb.

When holding the disc, only grip around the edges and insert a finger through the ring for support. Hold up to the lamp and rotate back and forth for about 20 seconds. If you hold the disc too long, you may permanently damage the disc. It's better to pull it away too soon and try again than to hold it too long. Test out the disc. Take the disc from the lamp and immediately place it in your Xbox. Start up the console and see if your disc works.

If it still doesn't work, you may need to have the disc professionally resurfaced. Method 4 of Purchase a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This cleaning tool can be found in most supermarkets. You may be able to find an off-brand version for cheaper as well.

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