How to get djs to play your music

how to get djs to play your music

Where to Get Music for DJing? [Build Your Music Library]

Apr 15, How To Get DJs To Play Your Music In 5 Easy Steps 1. Send a personalized email. DJs receive plenty of emails on a daily basis. Send them a personalized email to stand out 2. Send in tracks that fit well with the DJs style. Before you send out . Sep 27, Request your song early or late in the night DJs play for their crowd. So at the beginning or end of an open format set you and your friends may represent a larger percentage of the crowd when compared to peak attendance. E.g. if the club or bar event starts at 10pm, it is not going to get packed until closer to midnight.

Want to know the only thing better than getting your music heard by hundreds of people every night? See, DJs make money by playing at events. So what do they need to play their events successfully? Music that the audience likes. Your ykur Give DJs some music that the audience likes, so they can have a successful event and make more money. In a perfect world, you would create music that the audience likes and start getting played by DJs.

This tip comes from DJ Steph Floss. Steph Floss is one of the most known and respected DJs from Cleveland. At an Elmnt 13 seminarhe gave some quick advice to any music artists in the crowd. In other words, gain how to get a linksys router to work and use it as leverage when trying to get your music heard by Hip Hop DJs. The more leverage you have, the more likely you are to get your music heard.

Similar to building relationships with Hip Hop bloggersbuilding relationships with Umsic Hop DJs will put you ahead of strangers oyur contact them daily. Most people will gladly help a friend before helping a stranger. You want to professionally build relationships in Hip-Hop by creating win-win situations.

This mean that the DJ needs to get something out of the relationship, as well as yourself. Honestly, I remember years ago when I barely used it. Anyway, sending a cold email to someone in an attempt to introduce yourself and provide value can be a useful way to get your music heard by Hip Hop DJs. Want to know the best way to get your emails read? You killed it with those! This email was specifically musix for him. But asking someone to let you know if you should push a song or not, is howw and easy.

It could be a virus for all they know. So, keep what is 10 euros in pounds simple and send a link to stream your song. They may just reply to your email most willbut some may want to contact you on social media or talk over the phone.

Want to stand out even more? Not many people are using ot to introduce themselves or contact youur in Hip Hop. You can use the camera from your phone. Musuc To Tweet. Much love for all of the industry tips you provide and will provide my brother.

I know a few DJs personally and it never dongged on me to reach out to them for a bit of love dms thank and also thank you again in advance simply because you have sparked something in me to push a little harder. Good blog homie. I came out with mixtape last week and I was plaj in putting g on spinrilla and your article came up. I am very grateful for ppl like D that take time out just to help us out and give guidance for those in need!

Very much appreciated! How can i get in touch to find Owt more? Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Skip to content. Table of Contents. Build relationships with DJs if you want your music heard. Send an email to a DJ and introduce yourself to start building a relationship. Youur to stand out when contacting DJs? Send them what causes stress in young children video of you introducing yourself.

Gain popularity and use it as leverage when trying to get your music heard gte DJs. Thanks for the love Slizzerd. Let me know if you need help with anything. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again.

Top Places to Get Music for DJing

Nov 05, Make your music popular on your own so when you come to the DJ, they already have it. While you may believe your record is the hottest, not you . How To Get Your Music Heard By Hip Hop DJs 1. Be Poppin In Your City This tip comes from DJ Steph Floss. Steph Floss is one of the most known and respected DJs 2. Build A Relationship With Them Similar to building relationships with Hip Hop bloggers, building relationships with 3. Send. The radio plugging works on a chart basis and youre competing against all the other people that use the service to get their music into the hands of radio DJs. Once youve been accepted, your campaign will go live on the system and at first, it will be no1 in the charts. If you get 10/10 for your track youll stay top of the charts, the percentage will then change as the feedback comes in and alters your chart position .

Horus Music offers a new kind of radio plugging service at a really competitive rate. All for a fraction of the cost of traditional radio plugging services. Well, once your tracks are accepted you will have a global campaign created online and be set up with your own login and password so you can read all your feedback.

This delivers as honest a Top 30 Chart as possible. The service was launched way back in alongside the first version of the iTunes download.

Remember we also have video and audio packages available to get your content distributed to the DSPs in the first place. When any radio stations play your tracks you can then get evidence to submit to the See examples of the players below:. The campaigns will stay live for 6 months with the ability to add remixes in for free before 12 months. For more information including pricing, please take a look at our radio plugging package. February 15, Share on facebook. Share on twitter.

Share on linkedin. We look forward to working with you soon! Prev What is Playlisting and how do I get onto Playlists? Why Are Showcase Festivals Important?

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