How to get rid of dark skin under armpits

how to get rid of dark skin under armpits

Want Brighter Underarms? Read This Before You DIY

Jun 10,  · How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows. Sun exposure and a buildup of dead skin cells can cause the skin on your elbows to appear darker than the skin on the rest of your body. If this is bothersome during the summer months or you are embarrassed. Darkened skin in the underarm area is very common and can happen for a number of reasons, according to dermatologist Sheel Desai Solomon, MD. "Many people develop darkened pigmentation under their.

Darkening of the skin between the upper thighs is usually caused by chafing when thighs rub together and cause friction. This is common in people who are overweight. Illnesses and infections can also cause dark spots on inner thighs.

Such may include fungal infections, acne causing blackheads and even some viral infections such as herpes. The first step in getting rid of these spots blackheads on thighs is identifying what the underlying cause is. My inner thighs are dark, why? Depending on what side you are on, black patches on inner thighs is a normal and common occurrence in most people. So what causes dark brown spots on inner thighs?

There are a dozen reasons why you soft skin can suddenly develop this kind of sports. This reason ranges from excess sweating, razor spots for those who shave or wax along the bikini region to an allergic reaction of the thigh skin to medicine and cosmetic products. To get rid of dark spots on thighs, you will need to first identify and understand what the underlying cause of the spots are.

Here are some of the possible cause of dark spots on inner thighs:. One of the most likely causes of dark skin on thighs is increased production of melanin.

Melanin is a dark brown to a black natural chemical that determines the color of the skin. Increased production of this chemical has a direct cause on the increase darkening if your skin color. Increased production of melanin can be caused by damaging of melanin cells in skin or over stimulation of these cells, what follows is an abnormal production of melanin, either too much or too little production.

With little production of this chemical, your skin becomes or bright, with overproduction of melanin, your skin especially the inner thighs may have dark spots. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the cause of skin darkening. PIH is known to cause skin darkening and discoloration that shows up as spots or large patches on the thigh and other parts of the body. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs when cells that normally produce melanin across your skin go into override and produce too much of this natural skin coloring matter.

PIH is caused by an inflammatory reaction in or an injury to the skin. With this condition, when the excess melanin is produced in the upper layer of the skin, the pigmentation color is usually a dark brown shade, on the other hand, if the excess melanin is produced in the lower layer of the skin a gray or blue discoloration becomes visible. Darkening of inner thighs are more in common in people with obesity or overweight.

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat accumulates to the extent of having a negative effect on a person health. The common causes of obesity include a combination of excessive food intake, lack of physical activities and genetic susceptibility where one can inherit the condition from his or her parents. Obesity and overweight can be prevented by a combination of social changes and personal choices. The main treatment of obesity is thus dietary changes and exercises.

Hormonal imbalance what are your career plans answer fluctuation has a lot of effects on our health, modes, and appearance in terms of skin colors and others. To understand this, you will need to first know what hormones are.

Hormones are chemical secreted by cell or glands. This chemical secretion acts as a messenger that are sent out from one part of the body to the other. A skin condition known as Melisma is one of the skin conditions caused by hormonal fluctuation. While there is definite genetic component to the disease, it is often triggered by hormonal fluctuating. This condition is common during pregnancy.

What happens is that, with this condition, your melanocytes are stimulated to produce an abnormal level of melanin. Melanin, as mentioned, is the chemical component responsible for the dark or light coloring of the skin, whether it is on the inner thighs or anywhere on the body. Hormonal fluctuation is not permanent, one the level of the hormone stabilizer after delivering for pregnant women you can how to remove the skin of almonds your original skin color.

Different medications will produce different side effects on different people. What that means is that, when one is on a given treatment or medication, the medication may cause the secretion of abnormal body activities. A common such case is a hormonal imbalance. This is common for those using anticipative. Some medication may also lead to the abnormal secretions of melanin by the melanocytes. With over secretion of melanin, you are more likely to have dark inner thighs.

In cases of such medicine side effects, how to make job analysis will need to consult your health care provider as soon as possible. Medicine side effects or allergic reaction to medicine can be life threatening especially if you are using over the counter medication. Irritation from wearing tight clothing could be the other possible cause of the dark inner thighs.

Continues irritation of our inner thighs or any other part of the skin can lead to the damaging of the melanin glands which in turn leads to the abnormal secretion of melanin the dark coloring matter of the skin. Sun damaging or sun poisoning caused by excess exposure to the sun ultraviolet rays is the other possible cause of dark spots on the skin.

Apart from giving your skin the dark coloring, melanin is also responsible for protecting your skin from UV light from the sun. When your skin exposure for long on direct sun, the melanocytes are secreted to produce more melanin hence the dark spots or coloring on skin. UV light can damage your skin, you could even end up developing skin cancer, as a result of this, dermatologist advice against long exposure to the sun without protection.

If you have to stay out for long, make sure you apply a considerable amount of sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damaging. The other likely cause of dark spots on upper inner thighs is shaving waxing and another poor method of hair removal along the bikini line. For those people who shave close to the skin may end up damaging the upper dermis of the skin, this can lead to the development of ingrown hair that appears dark.

These bumps are also called razor bumps. Dark skin on inner thighs caused by poor how to get rid of dark skin under armpits method can be prevented by adopting proper shaving and hair removal techniques. If you are not sure about waxing your bikini area, let it be done by a professional, that way, you keep your skin tidy and how to get rid of dark skin under armpits the dark spots that might develop on the skin. Hyperhidrosis or excess sweating is the other possible cause of dark inner thighs.

This condition is common in obese or overweight people. For those people who sweat a lot around the inner thighs, this condition creates a conducive environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. If you are one of those people who sweat a lot and wear tight clothing, the how to find morels mushrooms is even worse. Overgrowth of fungi leads to irritation that causes the stimulation of the melanocytes, this could lead to over secretion of melanin thus dark inner thighs.

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene is can help minimize the risk of bacteria and fungi growths. If you are one how to check pan card active status those people who sweat a lot, make sure you keep your skin clean and dry always.

Apart from the causes discussed above, dark inner thighs or skin can also be caused by a different underlying medical condition such as such as diabetes and acanthosis nigricans. Acanthosis nigricans in the other hand is a fairly common skin pigmentation disorder. The condition is often characterized by the dark patches on skin with a thick velvety texture. This skin condition is common in people with diabetes, have dark skin or are obese or overweight.

From all the possible causes above, before you attempt to treat or get rid of the dark spots on the skin, your how to create table of content in word 2010 first need to identify what the exact cause is. Have a dermatologist examine and diagnose the condition to establish what the cause is, after which the right treatment option can be prescribed.

Shaving the bikini area is one of the common cause of dark patches on thighs with blackheads. Dark patches can also be caused by a condition such what would be your ideal career hidradenitis suppurativa, simply known as HS or acne inversa.

The condition might feature small, painful lumps under the skin that often occur on the body part that rubs against each other.

HS tends to start after puberty, the condition can persist for many years and may worsen over time. When diagnosed and treated early, you can be able to manage the symptoms, prevent new lump from forming and complication. Apart from HS, other conditions that might cause dark inner thighs would include conditions such as folliculitis and molluscum contagiosum. Folliculitis is caused by the inflammation of the hair follicles on the skin while molluscum contagiosum is a relatively viral infection of the skin that results in round, firm.

Painless bumps ranging in size. Dark patches on inner thighs can be really annoying, here are some images of how the dark spots appear. Dark thighs are normal and harmless, you do not need to worry about that, you can also simply get rid of the spots and lighten your thigh skin back to normal with simple, natural home remedies. You can also stay free from the spots by avoiding all the possible causes.

For medically caused dark skin thighs, treating the underlying cause is the best and easiest way to get rid of the dark thighs skin. The number one cause of dark inner thighs and other parts of the skin is increased melanin production.

Melanin is a dark brown to a black natural pigment found in most living organism. This dark pigmentation is formed by the oxidation what book did galileo write amino acid tyrosine followed by polymerization. Melanin is produced by a specialized group of cells known as melanocytes. The more the amount of melanin your skin contains, the darker the color of the skin.

How to make a plate tutu and environmental factors play a major role in the secretion of this pigment in the body. Apart from defining the skin color of humans, melanin absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun that penetrate the skin. This help protects DNA placed within the organelle from damage. So before you rush to artificially whiten you skin by destroying the melanin pigments, perhaps think about the importance of melanin in your body.

Getting rid of dark spots on thighs will depending on how severe the spots have spread on your thighs. The treatment or the process one has to use to get rid of dark spots on thighs will also depend on what the underlying cause is. For natural or normal causes like hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, the spots can be left to clear on their own without treatment. The treatment for dark upper thighs will vary depending on what the underlying cause of the condition is.

To lighten your skin of the dark spots, one your dermatology might prescribe:. Laser skin lightning is the other possible treatment option recommended to get rid of black inner thighs fast. For people with dark thighs and armpits, laser lightening or whitening can be used to get rid of such spots. This procedure can be used not only on bikini area but also for underarm lightening.


To get rid of the fleas inside your home, you are going to have to turn everything upside down. Once you have an infestation, the fleas will multiply rapidly and take over every region of your home. You will need to make sure that you treat and clean all of the rugs and carpets in your home. Mar 08,  · One mostly get to find them within the skin folds of the neck, under the breasts, in the armpits, over the eyelids and also on the groin folds. There is no clarity on why these skin tags occur, but experts believe that these growths happen due to the friction where skin rubs against skin. Laser skin lightning is the other possible treatment option recommended to get rid of black inner thighs fast. For people with dark thighs and armpits, laser lightening or whitening can be used to get rid of such spots. This procedure can be used not only on bikini area but also for underarm lightening.

Eyebrows not only frame your eyes the right way but also balance your facial shape beautifully. It is important to maintain a pair of well-groomed eyebrows to achieve the effect of a mini facelift naturally. But no matter how much you take care of your eyebrows, you need to make sure that the skin between them is not dry and flaky.

The dryness of the skin near the eyebrows can spoil the beauty of your face completely. It can spread to other parts of the face like the nose, ears , etc. It also irritates and turns out to be very annoying sometimes. Hence, treating it at an early stage is highly recommended.

In this post, we will be talking about the potential causes of developing dry skin between eyebrows along with the most effective home remedies as well as other medicinal treatments for it. Keep reading. It marks the center point of our face and plays a crucial role in defining the shape of our brows. In short, it is one of the most highlighted areas of our face. However, the skin in this region is very sensitive and sweaty or pimple-prone most of the time.

This is a chronic condition, which usually occurs after puberty in areas of skin where there are a lot of oil-producing glands and the glabella region is one of them.

It is more or less similar to regular dandruff on the scalp in terms of symptoms, which include white or yellow flaky pieces of skin, scaly appearance, rashes, irritation, itching, redness, etc.

Mild eyebrow dandruff is very common and fairly easy to treat in a few weeks with simple at-home remedies. If you are suffering from severe flare-ups, you can also opt for prescription treatment to keep it under control.

Eyebrow dandruff can happen to anyone, at any age. Whether it is only a few small flakes in your eyebrows or large scaly patches in between them, a variety of factors can be present behind it.

These include 1 :. Seborrheic Dermatitis Seborrheic dermatitis is a form of eczema that is quite common in people with compromised immune or neurological systems 2. The chronic skin condition is contributed by a type of yeast called Malassezia, which causes inflammation and flaking of the skin rich in oil glands.

It causes round non-contagious patches of skin between eyebrows that appear red or slightly pink in color. The patches also shed white or yellowish crusts or flakes and tend to be itchy. Contact Dermatitis Contact dermatitis is basically a type of allergic reaction that occurs when the skin comes into contact with an irritating substance 3.

When it comes to eyebrows, it is mostly associated with the usage of cosmetics and other beauty products. Contact dermatitis causes inflammation of the skin, which results in scales or flakes along with a red, itchy rash. Some common irritants that trigger it include harsh chemical compounds, metals, and fragrances found in products like shampoos , conditioners , soaps, face washes, astringents, acne medications, makeup removers , perfumes, eyebrow piercing jewelry, etc.

Psoriasis Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition in which errant immune system signals lead to an inappropriately fast rate of skin turnover, thereby attacking the healthy tissues in the body. It can be of several types with different characteristics. In facial psoriasis 4 , the region between eyebrows is affected the most. It not only makes the skin dry and flaky but also causes thick, red patches of skin with silvery scales.

Stress , infections, skin injuries, drug interactions, etc. If the skin between your eyebrows is dry and mildly flaky, you can try one or more simple remedies at home from the following list:. Having a well-balanced diet can help you deal with the issue successfully. Making proper changes in your food habit will add moisture to your skin and turn it healthy over time.

Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to cure it permanently. Also, skip all sorts of unhealthy items like oily, junk, and processed foods. Proper Hygiene Maintain proper hygiene to keep the troubled part of your skin clean and healthy. If you like to apply bindi on your forehead to complete your ethnic look, make sure that you cleanse the area of the skin well with a proper cleanser every time after its removal. You can even use cold raw milk and a cotton ball for this purpose.

Choosing bindi from a well-known brand is also important. Regular Exfoliation Regular exfoliation is essential to get rid of the dry, flaky skin and reveal the fresh layer of skin underneath between your eyebrows. All you need to do is massage your skin with the exfoliator for minutes by following a gentle circular motion. However, opt for natural scrub recipes containing honey or yogurt as these will not only slough off dead cells from your skin but also hydrate it at the same time.

Heavy Moisturizing No matter what the root cause of your issue is, the fact is that your skin lacks moisture and that is why it turns dry. So, keep it moist and hydrated always by applying a thick layer of a good moisturizer to it. The best practice for this is to moisturize the skin twice daily — after bath and before bedtime. Lemon Juice If your skin flakes a lot between your brows, this lemon juice remedy will be really helpful for you.

Take a thin slice of lemon and rub it gently over the area. Wait for a few minutes so that the juice can work and then, wash it off with cold water. You need to repeat it every other day to get the best results. Tea Tree Oil The antifungal properties of tea tree oil are highly effective in treating dandruff-like dry skin between eyebrows.

Dilute a few drops of tea tree essential oil with some distilled water and apply them to the scaly region of your skin. Do it twice every week to see impressive results in just a few weeks. Neem Leaves While the antibacterial properties of neem leaves make it a great remedy for several skin diseases, the acids and oils present in them also help treat dry skin efficiently.

Simply prepare a paste by crushing and mixing neem leaves with a little amount of water and apply it to the skin between your brows. All those dead cells will vanish in a few days! White Vinegar Washing the entire area of your eyebrows with a very little amount of white vinegar can improve the condition of your skin to a great extent. It not only eliminates dry and flaky skin but also prevents the future occurrence of it.

Cocoa Butter Pure cocoa butter has excellent hydrating qualities, which can smooth your dry eyebrow skin easily. Apply a thin layer of cocoa butter to the affected area and massage until it gets absorbed into the skin. However, it is advised that you avoid applying cocoa butter in huge amounts to prevent the formation of acne.

Aloe Vera Gel The goodness of pure aloe vera gel can help you heal the dryness of your eyebrow skin very effectively. It has amazing healing properties, which also soothe dry and irritated skin. Just rub a little gel on the eyebrow region and massage for minutes. There is no need to wash it off. Oil Massage Natural oils like coconut oil , almond oil , etc. You can warm up a few drops of oil and massage the troubled part of your forehead with it for a few minutes every day at night.

Let it sit for the whole night and then, wash it off the next morning. Apart from healing dry eyebrow skin, it will also prevent wrinkles and age lines in that area. Petroleum Jelly The good old petroleum jelly can also help you get rid of the dryness between your brows. Just massage the part with a little jelly and leave it overnight. The outcome will be visible in just a few days only. If you find no results after trying any of these home remedies for weeks, meet your dermatologist and seek medicinal help.

Following are the most common ways to treat dry eyebrow skin medicinally 5 :. The skin around the eyes is exceptionally sensitive. So, avoiding over the counter product is always good as they can be damaging for the eyes at times. Summary Rule of the thumb is to keep your eyebrows clean, moisturised and free from buildups to stay away from dandruff or flaky skin.

Keep it moist and hydrated always by applying a thick layer of a good moisturizer. Should I Moisturize Eyebrows Regularly? Of course, you should. Whenever moisturizing your facial skin, do not skip that small region between your eyebrows. Moisturizing will strengthen the skin barrier, thereby sealing in hydration in that area.

Should I Shampoo My Eyebrows? It is not needed. Washing your face itself is enough to keep your eyebrow region clean. Too much cleansing can rip it off its natural moisture. Should you pluck grey eyebrow hairs? If there are one or two strands of grey hair, you can pluck it off with a good tweezer. However, avoid plucking if you spot a large number of grey strands. This may lead to bald patches.

How do I get rid of dandruff on my face? Dandruff occurs because of a yeast-like fungal infection that results in a dry and flaky scalp. Dilute your regular anti-dandruff shampoo by adding water and apply the mixture all over your face. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after minutes. If your skin gets dried up completely in the process, apply a moisturizer. Does coconut oil help with dandruff? Coconut oil can act as a moisturizer for your dry scalp although there is no evidence to suggest that it can act against dandruff-causing fungus.

Which oil is best for hair dandruff?

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