How to make a ghost bride costume

how to make a ghost bride costume

Dead Groom and Bride Costumes

Oct 11, †Ј Guys this video is all about the dress and headpiece for my skeletal ghost bride! I know it's super hodge podgey and pretty low budget lol but I had a lot of. Halloween Ghost Costume: Titanic victim makeup/costume: For face makeup: white base, contour with gray/blue on cheekbones/forehead. Use blue on top lid, reds on the bottom for a sickly create frost on the lashes and brows, use duo eyelash glue and add white powder (could use white eyeshadow) pins.

This photo is of my husband and I bride and groomand our amazing neighbors. We were attending a Halloween fundraiser costume party. We wanted to do a group costume as we were all sitting together at one table. While racking our brains for a unique group costume, my husband and I were discussing our Е Read more. My wife is the most creative woman ever when it comes to saving money, and when it comes to her visibility on making something huge from something small.

She started to think Е Read more. Every year our friends host a Halloween Party and award a prize for the best costume, year after year my wife and I aim to Е chew up our competition, tear them apart if you will.

This particular Halloween was no different, the reactions were terror and amazement, the steps to create our costumes were Е Read more.

We both put these day of the dead outfits together for the Hard Day of the Dead festival. We decided to be a dead bride and groom, wearing matching colors red and black. I also put an A initial for Alain over my heart and he put a D initial for Debbie on his hat.

This Zombie Bride and Groom Halloween couple costume probably cost me And that was for both!! I asked all my girl friends if any of them had a wedding dress that they no longer wanted- and since one had how to make a ghost bride costume gotten divorced, wha la! My boyfriend already had an old suit that he bide Read more.

My first makke to creating the cosyume was the cake, finding the right boxes or material to make it out of. Each year there is a zombie walk done in Columbia, SC in October. This year I wanted to punch things up a bit with a spooky Zombie Bride Halloween costume. So I bought a plain white dress from a thrift store.

The dress almost reached the ground and was very bridal. But to add a Е Read more. I have been experimenting with different Halloween makeup ideas for a while now, and when it came time to chose a Halloween costume, I was torn between going as a Zombie or the Corpse BrideЕ enter Zombie Bride costume! The makeup is done by using white cream makeup maoe the base, and then the rest Е Read more. By the way, most Е Read more.

For the groom costume, my husband had an old white shirt that he did not mind getting messed up so we used that, he also had an old tie that he as well did not mind using. She ended up getting second place but I think she should have won. She Е Read more. The coat and top hat were bought in a store in the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. The vintage ruffled shirt Е Read more.

I used my too bridal wreath with veil and silk tto bouquet costum and found the dress at the how to check airline status AmVets. My daughter wanted to be a mummy Bride, so I found a white dress, and sewed gauze and spiders to it.

Then to give it the aged look, I got brown fabric paint and brushed it onto the dress and the gauze. Then for the veil, I bought see through material and sewed it around Е Read how to pitch in mlb 2k9. I bought fake bugs and worms and attached them to the dress and in my hair.

Also, gathered some leaves from outside and attached those to dress Е Read more. We started our Corpse Bride and Groom Costume with going to the local thrift store to find ideas.

Came across a wedding dress that fit perfect, so off to the guys area to find a suit. I stopped at the fabric store and just sewed in black and blue tulle onto the dress. Then took Е Read more.

I must have had an accident on the way to marry my groom! Just about a block from the church, the limo driver was not paying attention and crashed right into a tree. I was okay though, so I thought. I wandered around for a while until I finally stumbled upon my church. Everyone was Е Read more. My Spooky Gentleman Death Costume was inspired by the black top hat. The black material was Е Read more. Debbie and Jesi were a happily married couple until the infidelity.

When Debbie found out what Jesi had done, she ran to bedroom nightstand to grab her gun. She wanted to make sure that Jesi would never make that brid again. Running down to the kitchen where Jesi was preparing their dinner, Debbie started to Е Read more. I was a Bridal Consultant, in a past life. After 3 divorces it was much simpler to kill the gown instead of the groom and so that is what i did. I began with a lovely Bridal dress from a resale shop the cost was My boyfriend and Tto love Halloween.

We decided to create a homemade married zombie couple costume a bride and groom zombie costume. When we got home, we began ripping Е Read more. We decided to try to create homemade couple zombie costumes this year. We expanded on it by going as a Zombie Bride and Groom. We also found some liquid latex, basic paint kits and fake blood at a Е Read more.

First, I found an old southern wedding dress at a vintage clothing store. Then I spray painted the bottom mke of the dress with black spray paint and also used watered down brown paint on the edges to add to the affect.

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Sep 26, †Ј Silver Bride Costume ($40): We arenТt always the biggest fans of pre-made costumes but this one is definitely a keeper. This lady is obviously totally scary and ghostly now, but we get the feeling she was a class act in her former life. For a costume contest at work, we decided to make a Уmarry scary costumeФ. We found an old suit at the thrift store, complete with matching hat, a lace 3/4th sleeve top and the liner cut out from an old prom dress made do for the skirt of the bridal dress. By the way, most Read more. Apr 25, †Ј The main element you'll need to make a Corpse Bride costume is to use a long white dress, something like a wedding dress, with a narrow size top half and a wider skirt which flares a little. As she is a dead bride who has been buried and then resurrected, the bride's dress must appear somewhat torn, with rips and dirt in some areas. You can use a white sheet that you have at home to .

Subscribe to our newsletter. Picking the right Halloween costume is a difficult task. You can go for something nostalgic , something classic or something super simple. The endless options can become overwhelming. We say, embrace the scary side of the holiday this year. For an outfit that is a little glamorous but still totally haunting here are 11 ways to be a bride back from the dead this Halloween.

Corpse Bride : Being dead never looked so good. Make Tim Burton proud by channeling one of his most popular characters this Halloween. This look will have you feeling blue in all the right ways. Pretty Zombie Makeup : Sure, maybe zombies eat brains for dinner, but they might want to look nice while they do it on their big day.

Take inspiration from Brit for a zombie look that is a little less gory and a lot more glam. Zombie Bridesmaids : We know all about the back-from-the-dead bride, but what about her badass bridesmaids?

Forget the couples costume. This lady is obviously totally scary and ghostly now, but we get the feeling she was a class act in her former life. Bride of Frankenstein : Kate Beckinsale is killing it in this black and white getup. Zombie Bride Makeup : Step your pretty zombie up a notch with some fake blood!

Take some tips from this video to add some gorgeous gore. Dia de los Muertos Bride : Here is a great option if you want to play dead, but still incorporate some color. This style guru shows you how to transform linens into a tattered gown and use red lipstick for blood. Dead Flapper : The flapper girl costume has been done to death. This look is super fun and would be much more moveable than strutting around in a giant gown all night long.

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