How to make a world of warcraft account

how to make a world of warcraft account

Creating a New World of Warcraft Account

I want to try the game for free. Download the Desktop App. Log in to the app. Choose World of Warcraft on the panel on the left. Over the Play button, use the Version and Account drop-down menus to select your preferred region. Go online, and at Blizzard Battlenet WEBSITE you can set up your World of Warcraft account.. Blizzard is the video game developing and publishing company that owns Battle and World of Warcraft.

I started playing in Vanilla before summoning stones were a thing and with a Shaman that tanked WC but when I look on my Blizzard Transaction History it shows How can I find out the first day I played? Thank you so much! Old what kind of wine thanksgiving dinner to know better, young enough to not care.

I think that was just linking to your transaction history, which would show your first free month with purchase, but accoun no longer goes all the way back. Warrcaft used to be able to see mine back to when I started in wworldbut now the oldest transaction is when I added my authenticator in So you could see every single bit of game time applied to that account from any source.

The Transaction History, was separate and included things tl the license, such as digital game purchases. I tried checking my achievement history for when I hit levels 10, 20, etc. I doubt it would normally take 24 days to go from L10 to L20, then another two months to go from L20 to L That depends entirely on how much you play a given character, how much is it to hire bikes at centre parcs just play in general.

Those achievements how to use canon digital photo professional tutorial show the date specific to that character, so it should be accurate as long as you hit those levels after achievements were implemented. How do I see the L10 Achievement? When I went to my oldest character, all I see is the L and L achievements. You should be able to click on the achievement and see each level.

Hovering over them shows the date, like this:. Hmm… nothing appeared when I moused over the level 10 box or any of the boxes for that matter. I check on my oldest character. Somethings not right. Actually, it is right. That date is when the achievement system was initiated.

Edit: I used to be very active on these forums back in those days. I remember many people being perplexed. Hey nice panda lady,how old is my account? How Old is My Account? Support Customer Support. Greetings, can you see when I created my first account? Which license? You have 4 old enough to be named licenses. The oldest of those is Oct I have a different, but semi-related question: When did I create this character?

Those achievements should show the date specific to that character, so it should be accurate as long as you hit those levels after achievements were implemented How do I see the L10 Achievement? That was it. Achievements were released with 3.

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Dec 03,  · an instructional video on how to make an account for World of Warcraftwarcraftmake accountmake an account for world of warcraft. Oct 16,  · Here I give you guys a quick rundown of exactly how easy it is to create your very first World of Warcraft account:) You wont even believe how easy it is! I. Jun 25,  · Begin creating your new account on the Battlenet "Account Creation" page by filling in the required fields. You will be asked to enter your country of residence, date of birth, name, email address (which will also be used as your user name to log into your Battlenet account and your WOW account), a password and a security question.

World of Warcraft, or WOW, is a thrilling online adventure game. It is a versatile game that gives you the choice of playing as the character hero in the first person or third person.

First, you have to buy the game either as a disc or download online. Once installed, you can create your own World of Warcraft account. Now you can enter a world of endless challenges as you encounter and conquer scary monsters and opponents all to advance to higher levels. As you may have already assumed, the higher the level of play you achieve - the higher the challenge to survive in the World of Warcraft.

Be bold and brave, and sign up now to enter WOW. You need an email account to purchase and play this amazing game of strategy and survival. I'm trying to make a WOW3 so I can have 50 characters again. How do I do it? How do I create a WOW account to log into the game? See more questions like this: Can you help me please to make a WOW account please help? I have tried: I have been trying to make myself a WOW account.

I created an account but it will not let me play. Do I have to buy it? It will not tell me how to start playing the game. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

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Home Gaming. Questions and Answers. You must first buy the WOW game to play it. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help. Complete all requested information about yourself. To create your WOW account, you must place a check mark next to the 'Terms of Use' if you've read and agree to the terms. You will be given an opportunity to agree for updates and special Battlenet - WOW offers. You will be directed to check your email account to verify you have now created a Battlenet WOW account.

Click the link sent to your email address to activate your account. Type in your 'game key' provided on the Battlenet website, or on the WOW disc box if you installed the game with discs. Unless you are playing a trial game as a guest, or you were permitted to play via a friend, you must give a method of payment prior to logging onto your account.

From either the WOW or Battlenet site you can add your payment method. Credit Card. They will deduct the fee automatically from your credit card once a month. To learn how to play World of Warcraft, and how to manage your account, go to the WOW community webpage.

You will find this game exciting, with excellent animation and graphics developed by Blizzard for your ultimate game-playing pleasure. My World of Warcraft account is full of characters. What do I do? This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. I cannot play WOW game even though I have battle.

How do I create a WOW account? Do I need a CD key? I only have the 5 setup disks? Can I play as a character in the expansion For the Main quest of the main world of warcraft? How can I play world of warcraft when I'm eleven and need my mothers email? How to start Playing World Of Warcraft aka wow? VisiHow QnA. Just bought a really old game of world of warcraft how do I create an account? Share this Article:. Write An Article Random Article.

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