How to make marshmallow ornaments

how to make marshmallow ornaments

Air-Dry Marshmallow Clay Handprint Ornament

Nov 06, Directions for Making Marshmallow Ornaments: 1) Add a 8mm Sequin & Mini Marshmallow to a Corsage Pin. 2) Press Corsage Pin into 3? Styrofoam Ball. The stickiness from the marshmallow works as glue and holds the marshmallow in place. 3) Continue steps 1 and 2 making sure to cover all of the styrofoam. Dec 14, Directions to Make the DIY Marshmallow Snowman Ornaments 1. I hot glued the eyes and mouth first on the clear ornament (make sure your little one doesnt touch the hot glue 2. Cut out a nose from the construction paper and glue this on. I .

Try out this easy air-dry marshmallow clay handprint ornament! Did you recently have a baby and want to create a memory for your Ornajents tree? Or maybe, you have a new pet, a new house whatever! And you could totally use it for a general keepsake and not just a hanging ornament! See more information about affiliates here.

I know, I know but hear marahmallow out! I figured it would be easier to get it out of the way male, then forget about it in 11 months. It came with its own air-dry marshmallow clay, was super easy to use, and basically did what it was supposed to do. I kept the kit because we still had a bunch of glitter, and the circle cutters, etc.

Fast-forward toand I now had a new baby, and wanted to make a handprint for her too. I first searched for and found this general air dry clay recipe. Not sure if my mix was off, but I could NOT get the clay to make a handprint.

So instead, I just had the clay air-dry in my house cookie cutter, then painted it for a new house ornament. You can see what it looks like in this post about decorating a Christmas tree.

What I really needed was a good marshmallow clay recipe what was called for on the original handprint ornament kit. And I came across this detailed oneand this much simpler one both created by the same person. Essentially, heat up the glue and marshmallows in the microwave for a few seconds. Stir and reheat as needed until all the marshmallows are combined. Add the cornstarch orhaments tablespoon at a time, until a nice non-sticky dough is formed.

If making a hanging ornament, make sure to also make ornamejts little hole for the string a straw works great for this. Once you have the handprint done, allow it to dry for a long time like overnight. I found how to find a cleaning lady was best to flip it over every few hours so both sides would dry evenly.

To match the others and cover and potential ornamrnts areasI gave the ornament a quick coat of white craft paint on both sides. Once the paint was fully dry, I brushed on some white glue photo on left is the glue that still needs to be spread evenly.

The glue went on the raised portion only so not the handprint or letters. Then simply sprinkle on some glitter, then tap the ornament sideways to let the loose glitter fall.

Other options could include painting the handprint a different colour, not using glitter, etc. I just tied a simple ribbon through the hole or used an ornament hookand they look great in the tree! Compared to the other clay recipe I tried, which feels like it would make a million pieces. If you read to the end and are excited about getting a handprint done for your little one, be warned that actually doing the handprint will most likely be the hardest part : Especially if you have a really new baby that tends to clench their fists a lot!

Oh, and I also do a monthly handprint poster if you want a similar keepsake, but not Christmas-tree specific. I am a Multimedia Content Designer and Blogger that is in love with everything to do with houses and homes.

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Watch how to make your own Smore Ornament

Dec 02, Cut a piece of twine thats about to inches long. Fold the twine in half to make a loop. Glue a hanger on your Smore ornament. Add a small dab of hot glue to the center of the top of the ornament. Hold twine in place for about 30 seconds or until it is completely hardened. Watch how to make your own Smore Ornament. Jan 14, Roll out the dough on a cornstarch-ed surface, put the handprint/shape in, then cut out the shape you want with a cookie cutter. If making a hanging ornament, make sure to also make a little hole for the string (a straw works great for this). Feel free to also imprint any names/words with little stamps. Decorating Your Handprint Ornament.

Grab some Hot Cocoa and get ready to make these fun Marshmallow Ornaments with your friends! Then press each pin into a Styrofoam Ball until completely covered. No one would ever guess they are made with real marshmallows! This is a super fun group craft. These marshmallow ornaments will last for years and you will always remember making them.

Get started making Christmas Memories with these fun handmade ornaments! The stickiness from the marshmallow works as glue and holds the marshmallow in place. Attach pin to ribbon. Add Marshmallows around ribbon to secure and hide the end of the ribbon. Try not to put the same colors next to each other. Takes about 1 hour per ornament. Optional: Spray with Clear Spray Paint when finished. Find these great supplies for your next Craft Day at: www.

Please do not make one of these if there is ever a remote possibility a pet may eat it. It can end in tragedy. Personal experience.

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