How to restain stair banister

how to restain stair banister

How to Stain a Banister

May 29,  · How to Restain a Wood Banister. Step 1 - Strip the old Stain. Apply liberal amounts of the paint stripper solvent to the banister with old rags. Work in small areas to keep the Step 2 - Sand the Banister. Step 3 - Tape Spindles and Newel Posts. Step 4 - . May 20,  · Stain (brand and color of your choice) the banister thoroughly using a wide sponge brush Wait for the stain to soak in and dry for about 10 minutes. Wipe off excess stain with a wet cloth. Continue applying, drying, and wiping stain at different /5(12).

Our guest today is sharing her stair banister makeover: just look at the before and after! Scroll down for the info on how Delia updated her banister, and check out this post for ten more great stair makeovers:.

Wish me luck. Our stair banisters and rails were how to be an action hero to the house and were a basic builder grade oak color with white rails. The varnish was chipped and peeling off on the banisters while the rails were old and faded. I had been putting off the project for how to restain stair banister but something had to be done. The banisters and rails are literally the first thing you see when you enter the front door- and they were not making a great first impression.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read our full disclosure policy. I tto to use gel stain instead of regular stain, mainly because I did not want to strip the wood down completely. I wanted maximum effect with minimum effort.

The gel stain allowed me to achieve the results I wanted without the hassle involved with using regular stain. I highly recommend this product and this tutorial is based only on the use of this product. The prep work is probably the most important step when you use gel stain. For this project you will need the following materials:. I let how to restain stair banister first coat dry for 6 hours before doing the second coat.

The final product was even better than I was expecting. The result was definitely worth the work. I spent a few weeks from start to finish to complete this project, but most of that time was spent waiting for the stain to bbanister. The total cost was very minimal. As I what is there to do in tucumcari nm, I did my kitchen cabinets earlier in the summer using the same gel stain.

I used pretty much the same process as I did with the stair banisters although the cleaning prep was more involved. The difference is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous new stair railing with us, Delia! I love the change! Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to banistter their love for knocking out walls together. Looks awesome!

At what age can you house train a puppy previous owner used a sienna color as the stain.

Yes, super ugly. This is going to be the solution to correcting our ugly staircase. Thanks for posting this! Sounds like a great solution, Cornelia! I did not wipe it off after any of the 3 coats. Not wiping it off did add to the drying time but it also helped the stair rails to be even and testain stained when I was done. Huuuuge improvement! I will definitely be saving this tutorial.

Do you mind sharing with me the color you chose? I want a very dark brown, exactly like this. The first one I bought is black and way too dark to do my banisters with. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I am trying to sand down my banister to do this same thing. Reatain you have to make the wood look even before applying the gel stain?

I am worried its going to look uneven or streaky but I am having a hard time avoiding some uneven-ness once I sand the surface. Hi Amy, This post is from a guest, so you may have to click over there to ask for more details, but as far as I know, you just need to really lightly sand to prep uow surface for the gel stain, not a full in-depth sanding.

The wood does not have to be even in order to do the stain. I sanded very lightly and the wood was very uneven what animals live in mangrove swamps. The stain covered beautifully. The first 2 coats of stain were streaky but the final coat came out perfect. I am just wondering if srair other stains, this method allows the grain of the wood to show through?

Great question, Kellie! Your tips and tricks have been invaluable. So, can you clear that up how to restain stair banister me? Thanks for the help…. Thank you for sharing this post, it looks great! My concern is the drying time, as I have little ones and I am concerned that it will be difficult to keep them from touching the stairs for such long periods of time.

Any suggestions on what I can do to solve that concern? The drying time you are referring to, ztair that just mean how dry the needs to be to paint another coat, or how dry eestain needs to be to touch? With stain, you are supposed to wipe off, which highlights the natural grain of the wood and provide a more rustic appearance.

You have used the stain as paint, by not wiping off. This worked great for us. However, a much longer process than I expected. The stain dried fairly quickly sometimes I was able to put a new coat on with 24 hrs drying timebut needed more coats than I expected.

If you wanted to have more wood grain showing through or a lighter color, then 2 probably would have been ok. I did fairly thin applications… Still waiting to apply the top coat. Thanks for the comment, Hans! Thanks for the tutorial! Currently following it myself. I finished the 3 coats of gel stain and last night moved on to the top coat.

The general finishes website says to lightly sand with grit sponge between top coats, but with one swipe of the pad tonight some of the stain came off! I worked too hard and put too many days into this to ruin it, so I just stopped and applied the second restaij of top coat without any sanding. Did you sand between coats? We are looking to do white spindles and black rails. For that you would just tape off one and do the other completely correct??

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I'll show you how. Next Post Merry Christmas. Comments Looks awesome! Question What if your walls are honey oak, what do you do to update?

How long did it take you to sand? Do you need to sand carefully in all the grooves? This type of stain gel is different than your normal stain. Leave a Reply Cancel reply We love hearing from fellow What is stbt in stock market, so let us know what you like about this and leave any questions below in the comments.

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How to paint an oak banister to completely update your stairway (with video below)

A stair railing and banister add dramatic elements to a home, but over time wear and tear begin to show. Refinishing a wood stair railing eliminates the scratches and fading that mar it. With a little work and patience wood railings are easily rejuvenated with stain or paint. I used mineral spirits and denatured alcohol to clean the gunk off of the banister With a scotch pad. Then I gave it a light sanding with a sanding block. There is no need to sand down to the bare wood. I used General Finishes Gel Stain. Sanding Optional: Stain (brand and color of your choice) the banister thoroughly using a wide sponge brush Wait for the stain to soak in and dry for about 10 minutes. Wipe off excess stain with a wet cloth. Continue applying, drying, and wiping stain at different sections of the stairs until.

Designing Idea. Below we share how to stain stair railing without sanding including steps, and materials needed. The railing for your stairs can be an important accent piece in your home. If they start to look old or weathered it can have a negative impact on your interior design. Staining your stair railing can be intimidating, not to mention messy if you need to sand it down.

However, there is another way. Below, we will take a look at how stair railings can be stained without sanding. Table of Contents. The first thing to note is that stain is called stain for a reason. Whatever it touches, it is going to mark. So, when you are getting ready to stain your stair railing, you should take measures to ensure the stain only gets on the railing. Instead, you should lay down tarps or newspaper and tape off the areas you want to stain. Another step to take when you are preparing is to open some windows.

Its also a good idea, though its option to use a pair of gloves while applying chemicals to protect your hands from harmful substances.

The next step is to prepare your stair railing for staining. Here, you would typically sand your railing down. For an easier time, though, you can purchase liquid deglosser or liquid sander. This removes the glossy layer from the wood. Liquid Deglosser — See at Amazon. There are a few different options when you are selecting a stain for your stair railing.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on a gel stain. For the application of a gel stain, a thin cloth or foam brush is the best option. You will want to apply a thick layer of gel stain to your stair railing. However, be sure that the coat is not so thick that it drips down the railing.

These drips will dry this way and you will have an uneven surface to your stair railing. To apply extra coats, wait until the stain is dry before additional application. This drying process can take as long as 24 hours so be patient. Applying an extra coat too early can result in a botched stain job.

After the final stain is dry, you might want to add a finish to seal the stain in. For this, the best option is a polyacrylic finish. Visit this page for additional entryway and foyer ideas for your home. Follow us Facebook Twitter. Search Search for: Search.

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