How to start a plastic recycling business in india

how to start a plastic recycling business in india

How to Start Waste Plastic Recycling Plant Business

Register the business. Register a business name. For business like recycling plastic, an NOC certificate from pollution board is necessary. 4. Gather the required money. Identify the sources of money required to hire a location, buy machinery and equipment, and paying operational costs. 5. Recycling plastic waste and turning waste into wealth is the best way to deal with this problem. This article will walk you through the first six steps of starting a plastic recycling business.

Global warming has become one of the greatest concerns of today. To how to start a plastic recycling business in india the how to start a plastic recycling business in india, recycling wastes is a must. The recycling business has become a much profitable venture at present. There are many kinds of wastes and types of recycling business ideas depend on the industrial outputs.

Before taking up any of the recycling business ideas mentioned below, you should remember a few things. Firstly, decide on your recycling business idea, i. There is plenty of wastes in different sectors like a household waste, construction waste and electronic waste, and so on. Secondly, after the selection of the Recycling business idea, have a thorough knowledge of the process of recycling and buy machinery accordingly. Thirdly do exhaustive research on the products of recycling along with its marketing and then take up the recycling business idea.

Among the most profitable recycling business ideas are waste paper, e-waste, aluminum, battery, garbage construction waste, etc. By taking up any of the recycling business ideas, you are protecting the environment on one hand and earning profits on the other. The use of plastic is widespread and along with it, plastic is one of the most hazardous causes of global warming.

That is why; it is a very profitable recycling business idea. Plastic waste can be recycled into polythene, plastic bottles, cans, buckets, and many other items. At one stage, when plastic is not recyclable, it can be used in construction as an adherent. This recycling business idea is very profitable. Different kinds of wastes and scraps are obtained from construction sites.

They include wood, brick, concrete, steel and other metals, wire, tiles, etc. These can be separated and recycled into various other materials. The Paper recycling business ides is quite a profitable one. Paper has different qualities and forms. You can treat the waste paper in the machine and recycle it into various paper products like paper cups and plates and packets. It can also be recycled into other forms of paper and thus save a tree.

E-waste or electronic waste means old and unused electronic items like radio, TV, mobile phone, refrigerator. This is a very good and profitable recycling business idea. Recycling them is good for the environment as these devices contain harmful substances like phosphorous, lead, cadmium, etc.

Old and rejected computers are also good raw materials for recycling and make money. Different parts of old computers are sold as it is. You can also sell the motherboards which have a ready market.

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is used mainly in the manufacturing of pipes, shades, tanks, etc. This is a common and useful recycling business idea. The use of the battery is widespread from automobiles to household appliances. So, the battery is an important item in your recycling business ideas.

But you have to be knowledgeable about the recycling process and careful about the toxic elements derived during the process of recycling. This is a hassle-free recycling business idea for you on one hand. You can straight away collect the used cans and sell them. On the other hand, you can have your own setup where you will recycle aluminum cans and produce new ones. The profits are quite high in this business. With the boom in the automobile industry, the tire recycling business is quite a good recycling business idea.

A tire is made of rubber, steel, and synthetic fibers. You can recycle all these for the manufacture of new tires. Once again, you have to know the technique, market, and availability of labor. This recycling business idea requires high investment but also high returns. Scrap metals contain iron and other metals like aluminum. It can be recycled to make useful things.

All of us know the varied use of metals in different things. So, you can very well go for this business. You can recycle broken glass and make various glass items like crockery, windowpane, etc, which have high and continuous demand.

In this recycling business, you have to melt the broken glass pieces and make items as per your choice or market demand.

This recycling business idea is quite simple. You have to collect the old and thrown away carton boxes from scrap shops and recycle them.

These boxes have widespread demand in the packaging industry, but after it is delivered, it becomes useless and hence scraps. This is an easy and extremely beneficial recycling business idea. So much what to see in goa in 2 days is wasted every day and thrown away.

By recycling this waste food, you can generate biofuel and organic fertilizers which are much in robin castillo what not to wear in rural areas. The process of recycling does not emit any harmful or poisonous substance. Furniture often gets out of fashion and is sold out.

The wood or furniture recycling business idea is not that complicated. All how long is the flight from glasgow to portugal need is to dismantle the assembled parts and create a new kind of furniture, utilizing, and trendy.

However, you need to have that creative eye as well as skilled craftsmen to translate your ideas. Used rejected clothes can be a good raw material for the recycling business.

On one hand, it can be altered for reuse. However, for recycling, you have to cut them into small how to make pastry crust for pies and pieces and recycle them into threads of different kinds used for making cloth. You can what bill to pay off first the non-treatable and non-biodegradable solid wastes and use them to make bricks.

The waste is compressed and given the shape of bricks. Then you have to polish them for strength and longevity. These bricks have a high demand in the construction business. Many of our thrown away things like bottles, cups, old utensils are of great value if recycled creatively. You can make lots of fancy things like the pen holder, flower vase, showpieces from these so-called useless items. It all depends on your creativity and recycling business ideas in a different way.

This is a healthy recycling business idea for you. The leftover oil after cooking can be filtered and recycled for healthy reuse. Not only cooking oil, but other petroleum oils are also a good source of recycling business ideas. You can filter and recycle them for further use. This recycling business plan can be beneficial for people as a whole, especially in areas with scarcity of water. You can treat Wastewater through distillation and other procedures and transform them into edible water.

This will give you profit and success with lower investment. You can recycle farm wastes in different ways. Dry leaves can be used for making plates. It can also be used as green manure. Stubbles can be recycled into cardboard, paper, carton boxes, and shades. You can get them from the farmers at a very low price, while your finished goods will fetch a high price.

This is an easy and profitable recycling business idea. The printer cartridges are refilled quite a few times. You can set up your cartridge refilling center and refill used cartridges for the service and corporate world. As you know, medical wastes are in most cases unhealthy and hazardous. Here, you can prove yourself of great help for the hospitals and society, along with making profits for yourself. A large portion of medical wastes like syringes and needles can be recycled.

In this recycling business plan, you need a big capital. However, your profits will also be high. In this business, you will buy recyclable garbage or scrap from the collectors and recycle them for finished goods which will yield you profit. We often reject or throw away our old utensils. But these utensils can be the source of your recycling business idea.

Most of the utensils are made of steel, copper, or iron. In your recycling unit, you can process them and make new utensils. You can sell them to other business persons. Or you can sell them directly to earn profits.

Vermicompost is a good recycling business to make money. With workable knowledge, you can convert household waste into organic fertilizers following a few simple steps.

Tips To Start a Recycling Business

Jun 08,  · You can talk to different authorized placements of recycling bins to receive more plastic wastes. Plan everything according to the area you want to start your business at and you can also talk to different shops or organizations who can provide you with the waste plastic material. Jun 16,  · Recycled plastic granules manufacturing process is started from the thrown away plastics, plastic waste, plastic scrap like, poly bags or by . Perfect! I'd love to help you out! I have some friends who are in this business. A plastic recycling manufacturing business involves processing used plastic to make it reusable. Although this is a lucrative business, there are many upfront costs i.

Do you want to start plastic recycling business in India? Before going to this topic let us discuses the topic of Plastic in our daily life… Plastic is a lightweight and durable material.

Plastic production started in s and since then has replaced most of the metals and fabric used in packaging, automobiles and computers industry. Today, an average Indian uses 25 pounds approximately of plastic every year. Plastic is not biodegradable. It takes several decades for plastic to degrade itself. None of us can practically stop using or disposing plastic. So all used plastic makes planet Earth its home till it perishes. Imagine the amount of plastic trashed in a day, month and year, and the number of years we will have to live with them until they vanish.

Plastic left as trash has its own effect on environment and humanity. Plastic is causing global warming, land, water and air pollution. Burnt plastic is a dangerous threat as it releases toxic smoke that is unsafe for us to inhale. Around to million tons of plastic is trashed every year.

Therefore, for the sake of our health and for a greater good of protecting nature, plastic must be handled very carefully. It must be used minimally and disposed properly. Minimizing the use of plastic is a gradual process and will take its own time but in the mean while efficient ways to manage plastic can be thought of.

One of the efficient ways of handling plastic is to recycle it. A plastic recycling business involves reprocessing used plastic to make it reusable.

Plastic recycling business has many lines of businesses like collecting plastic, outsourcing the reprocessing, selling the recycled plastic etc.

Virgin plastic is costly when compared to recycled plastic. More the number of times plastic undergoes recycling, the lower its quality gets. The lowest grade of such recycled plastic is used to make PET bottles, polythene, use and throw containers, boxes etc. Road laying departments also purchase low quality plastic to build roads. Molten plastic is used as tar. In India, water and shampoo bottles are the most recycled plastic items. There are different types of plastics that we use.

Plastic products are categorized majorly into six types. They are Polystyrene foam hot drink cups, plastic cutlery, containers , Polypropylene used to make lunch boxes, food containers, ice cream containers , LDPE to make garbage bins and bags, PVC juice or squeeze bottles , HDPE shampoo containers or milk bottles , and PET fruit juice and soft drink bottles.

Polysterene, Polypropylene, and LDPE are not recycled as get stuck in the sorting equipment of recycling facilities resulting in breakage. Lids and bottle tops can also not be recycled. Some plastic types are not recycled because they are not economically feasible to do so. Plastic bottle recycling business is one of the thriving businesses these days. Plastic bottles are used extensively for packing drinking water.

Plastic bottle recycling business is relatively easy as collecting used bottles and sorting them is easy. For any Help regarding this business fill the form below, we will reach you shortly.

Conduct a thorough Research. Find out if a plastic recycling company is required in your locality. Look for manufacturers who need and buy recycled plastic. Research to know the type of plastic having highest demand from the manufacturers and also the market price for it. Craft a business Plan. Create a business plan. Most NGOs and social work volunteers will have information on how to get and how to find plastic for recycling.

Register the business. Register a business name. For business like recycling plastic, an NOC certificate from pollution board is necessary. Gather the required money. Identify the sources of money required to hire a location, buy machinery and equipment, and paying operational costs. Choose a location. Choose an industrial area. You will need labor to sort plastic so look for area that has good number of workers. A plastic recycling plant must have enough space to store the collected waste, sorting the waste and storing the recycled plastic.

Decide how to gather used plastic Plastic can be gathered from residential areas, local volunteer groups or rag pickers. A constant source of supply to is required to run the business without interruption. Buy the machinery and equipment Search for the machines and equipment online, and take advice form the existing business owners. The machines required include shredders, crushers, extruders, washers and solar dryer. Arrange for other utilities Promote your business Promote your business to reach your potential clients.

Advertise through posters, emails, events, social media etc. The existence of mixed plastics, collection of good quality used plastic, impurities in plastic, uneconomical and inefficient recycling of mixed plastic, sorting, convincing big brands to use recycled plastic are some of the major challenges in the plastic recycling business.

Significant profits can be made after 3 to 4 months of starting the business. To increase your profit margins, maintain good terms with the plastic supplier and the reused plastic consumer. This ensures business throughout the year. You can go on by establishing your own production unit of polythene bags, single-use plastic articles etc.

Connect with the plastic bottle recycling business owners to understand the operational challenges and for advice on mitigating the challenges. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to Start Plastic Recycling Business. Leave a comment Cancel reply. Send Comment. Steps to Start a Successful Small Business. Email Address.

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