How to test a sub

how to test a sub

Eat Or Toss These Aphrodisiacs And We'll Tell You If You're Dominant Or Submissive

Feb 10,  · Check it out! The rules here are simple, you sexy, sexy beast (IDK, I'm sorry): Tell us whether you'd eat or toss the following famous aphrodisiac foods, and . Jul 19,  · First check your sub and see what ohm ratio it is. It should say on the speaker if its 2, 4, 6, or 8ohm. Then get a multi meter and put it on the ohm setting (it kinda looks like a horseshoe) and.

Thank you. My future slave thanks you as well. I actually became slightly aroused reading your post. Thanks for that! I am about to start training my first sub and this is really useful! I'm new to this I met some one and she open what is hot in cleveland about eyes to this I know it was always inn me to be a dom but never practiced it till now I need guidance now who can help omarssd hotmail.

How to make small wind power generator can slapping her in the face a negative reward punishment if she likes it?

She may not like it as your scolding her with displeasure,but may like in the context of playtime like forced oral sex. Interesting general advice. Will more be forthcoming? Do you know your hidden name meaning? Click here to find your hidden name meaning. AS a sub myself, I have found this article useful, but would love to hear more of how to ensure submission and to keep submission, this is something that some Doms forget.

My Master is a very strict Dom, but at the same time protective and loving. I feel that a lot of stuff out there is focused on the physical side of things One thing I would like to point out Female subs need this especially and will perform better. A simple glare or scolding will get us to do what our Master wants. Females work on emotional responses. Training Your Sub A Dominant's Perspective I would like to begin this post by stating it is meant to act as a general guide on how effectively train your sub.

I'm speaking from experience not only from sex, but also in real-life situations. Through my work experience I have been extensively trained and involved in the training of many people. My goal is to give you a foundation and from there you should customize your experiences to your liking.

Let's consider why you are thinking about training your sub in the first place. You obviously like to be in charge or in control of things, hence you are the Dom. You are likely not training the sub to get off on issuing commands alone. No, you probably relish the fact someone is not only intimate with you, but also trusts you completely. It is with this in mind we want to train our subs. Our goal in training is to present our subs with a stimulus and have them react in the way we prefer.

Pavlov's dogs heard a tone and then were given food. Eventually the dogs would react with an increased saliva production when hearing the tone, even if food wasn't provided. All training is essentially the same.

I'm not meaning that your sub is just like a dog, but we want the sub to react consistently to us. When I issue a command or suggestion I want it done. Let's use a concrete example. If I say, "Spread your legs," I want it to happen.

The command is the stimulus I give the sub. Now, provided you said this in a firm manner and your sub is a natural, they will do what you want. Suppose you weren't firm enough or the sub is having a bad day and decides not to follow what is a double loop command. Now, we have to reinforce our command with a consequence. Pavlov would call this a conditioned response.

After enough times the sub will do what you tell them without thinking. An example from my life was getting my sub to say "please" and "thank you" when she wanted something. When she wanted me to bite her neck I asked her, "What do you say? How to test a sub then said, "Please.

She was and is a very fast learner. It took her a total of two times before she started saying please and thank you after every request. Slapping is only one of four different avenues for enforcing discipline.

You can give something nice to your sub. This could be a compliment or reward in concrete form. You can take something how to test a sub away from the sub. Say they don't do something fast or enthusiastically enough. Okay, take something away from them. I've mentioned how I presented a negative in the form of slapping. You can also reward by taking a negative away, such as removing a torture device. For a good article on this click here. Now that we understand how the mind how t o drill into granite rock. You have to decide what you are going to do with this information.

You could also train your sub to do things a certain way like, how you want them to posture during sex. You also have to decide how this dynamic will survive if you are in a switch relationship where you decide you want to share the power. The goal is about learning to trust someone completely enough to let go and give them control. I've heard that this is a liberating feeling for those in the sub role. Even though there is pain emotional or physical involved, it is a good feeling--like being high.

I know that there is a rush of excitement when my sub does what I how to connect speakers to apple tv her or something she knows I like.

It is important to remember the more you train, the more it becomes second nature. The three most important parts of training are getting to know your sub, communication, and repetition.

When you get to know your sub well you will know which type of reinforcement you should use, whether it be negative or positive. You will know what their limitations are and how far they will go to please you. It is also important to communicate effectively at all times. You need a safeword in case they decide they can't handle that type of training or punishment.

Your sub needs to know what is expected of them and what type of punishments to expect when they don't follow through. Finally, the more training exercises you have the more comfortable your sub will become in following you.

You will develop your own routine and hopefully feel intimately connected with your sub. I wish you well and happy training. Posted by S's Owner at AM. Unknown January 12, at PM. Unknown March 10, at AM. Unknown November 14, at AM.

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Nov 08,  · Bruce recalled his days setting up sound systems when he'd use a volt battery to test subwoofer phase. If the sub and main speakers were in phase, he'd hear a single thump when he connected the battery to the wires leading to the sub's terminals. If they were out of phase, he'd hear a double thump. That's with passive subwoofers, though. Are you a Dom/me or a sub? 16 Comments. We are all either Dominant or submisive. Either a giver or taker. In every type of relationship, we see this dynamic. It is human nature. So which are you? This quiz can help you figure out which category you fall into. Of course, it is just for fun, but the results might surprise you all the same. Dec 13,  · Verify connections, turn on the subwoofer, and set the volume. After all connections and settings have been verified, turn on the subwoofer. Check the volume level on the subwoofer and receiver or amplifier before sending any audio input. Start the volume low and gradually increase it to determine if the subwoofer is working correctly.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Yes, if you just want to see if the speaker works you can attach a battery to it and see if it has any movement. But if you wanna know what kinda shape the voice coils are in and if it will actually last you'll need to do this.

First check your sub and see what ohm ratio it is. It should say on the speaker if its 2, 4, 6, or 8ohm. Then get a multi meter and put it on the ohm setting it kinda looks like a horseshoe and connect the positive and negative probes to the matching terminals and see what it says. Now if it is a 4ohm sub and it says somthing like 3. But again if its a 4ohm sub and you get a reading like 2.

In my opinion anything under a full ohm isnt worth messing with. But these readings will also change depending on weather or not it is a single or dual voice coil sub and how its wired.

When you touch the positive to the battery, the speaker should make a pop sound. If it does that then it works. Trending News. Homebuyers are 'depressed for good reason': Corcoran. Top NFL prospect clears up comments about motivation. Experts explain. UFC co-main event nixed after bizarre shoving incident. Spring game draws largest sports crowd in pandemic. Queen Elizabeth's loving gesture to her late husband. Kate Middleton pays stylish tribute to queen, Diana.

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