What did steve o do to almost cancel killer karaoke

what did steve o do to almost cancel killer karaoke

Watch My Show: Killer Karaoke's Steve-O Answers Our Showrunner Survey

Karaoke. What did stev-o do to almost cancel killer karaoke? Asked by Wiki User. Be the first to answer! 0 1 2. Answer. Who doesn't love being #1? Be the first to answer this question. Jan 27,  · Steve-O is reportedly facing a lawsuit from a contestant on his upcoming show Killer Karaoke.. The Jackass star is being sued by Susanne Ohman, .

Jackass star Steve-O is back on TV as the host of the new TruTV reality competition Killer Karaokethe hilarious and squirm-inducing show, which has contestants sing karaoke while undergoing all kinds of distracting challenges, such as being lowered into a pool full of snakes. Thankfully Steve-O, who has performed much more terrifying feats, was able to escape the daunting task of singing. Steve-O moved frequently as a child, living in five countries.

He was drawn to skateboarding at a young what font is the chicago bulls logo in, and subsequently, film.

Those were my specialties. As of late, after a stint in rehab, Steve-O has bounced back and taken up stand-up comedy, and now his most recent role as the host of Killer Karaoke.

Personally, I'm not into singing at all. A lot of other people do, though. I'm dhat really glad to say that I made it through shooting what did steve o do to almost cancel killer karaoke whole first what does a calligrapher do of Killer Karaoke without singing at all.

It's important that people know that. The network was looking for a funny guy who could lend credibility to the crazy challenges on the show. They would put people on and these horrible, horrible things would happen to them while they're singing. I came in because of my history with Jackass and then becoming how to cure acute hepatitis b stand-up comedian made it a perfect fit. I gave them my two cents.

Karaooe lot of it happened before I came into the picture, but they were tweaking and developing challenges right up until we started shooting. I collaborated with the tweaks and the process. I'd say that the premise is intact, but the format changed quite a bit. The U. They wiggled it down to just the contestants, me and the audience. They definitely put a lot of the load on my shoulders, which I'm really excited about.

We had one pretty terrible accident. A lady slipped and hurt her knee, I think. It was really just a slip and fall, but it was upsetting. Oh God I don't know why people have such an issue with that. There was no reason to defang them because none of the snakes were venomous.

On a moral issue, I really have a problem with "devenomizing" snakes just because there's no anesthesia for reptiles kilker it seems horribly cruel. Well, I grew up in five different countries. I was the son of a very successful corporate executive. My dad headed an international division of American corporations, so I had a very privileged upbringing. I got into skateboarding at a pretty young age, how to repair a ding the skateboard led me to the video camera.

I almost wanna say it was a religion for me. I developed some pretty crazy whxt issues early on — our only instinct is to stevd yet our only guarantee is that we won't, you know. Well, we have this overriding instinct to survive. We know that we're not going to, so I think a big question in life is how to wrap my head around mortality. For me the video camera helped me do that, because I could create a klller that'll live long after I die. There how to repair auto seat upholstery just something permanent.

We're all gonna die but, I'm gonna live on with the video camera. I saw the video camera as a way to make that happen. I've tried to do what I can to decrease the odds of being paralyzed. With that said, I've recklessly done all kinds of stuff that can kill me or paralyze me.

I'm more and more stringent. Like in the last Jackass movie, I went into it with a mission statement that I wanted to keep paralysis and death off the table. Provided that that criteria was met, I would do anything. It was more like boot camp dix college, for sure. Statistically, it's harder to get into Clown College than Harvard based on the number of applicants compared to the number of people that got in.

And it was free to go provided that you were accepted. Back in and '97 when I found out about it, and they didn't have tuition. I just thought, Wow what a great way to further my goal in becoming a stuntman. If I could have that recognizable Ringling Bros. At that point, I was already lighting myself on fire at keg parties or jumping off apartment buildings into shallow pools. I've been on the road touring as a stand-up comedian for the majority of the last two years.

Whenever I've had any free time I've spent as much of it as possible surfing. In probably the last year, I've become an avid surfer. The comedy shows, the surfing, and the Killer Karaoke has been what it's about you know, and there's some other stuff that I'll probably start working on pretty soon, but it's just too early to talk about. Login Login. Forgotten Password. Register For This Site A password will be e-mailed to you.

Username E-mail. Read more about:. Jackass Killer Karaoke Steve-O. Leave a comment Cancel reply. Q: In the spirit of the new show, were you a karaoke fan before cancrl and frequent karaoke clubs? Q: How did you get involved in Killer Karaoke? Q: Did you come up with some of the tortures for the contestants?

Q: How much of the show is based on the original British show? Q: Has anyone gotten hurt during the course of the season? Q: How do you protect the contestants in the case of the snakes and spiders? Are they all defanged? Q: How did you grow up? Were you always interested in these kind of crazy stunts? Q: Why do you like tempting fate so often? Q: In doing your stunts, do you ever feel like something is going to be ddo dangerous? Where do you draw the line? What was that like? Q: How to make protein bars without peanut butter are you up to these days to besides working on Killer Karaoke?

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Jan 27,  · "Jackass" star Steve-O has just been sued over a karaoke performance gone horribly wrong -- in which a woman allegedly slipped and fell, breaking practically every bone in her lower body. Jan 14,  · Because nothing of this sort can ever last, Killer Karaoke ran only two seasons before coming to a pretty bleak ending. Not only did its producers decide Mark McGrath was a . Nov 13,  · Jackass star Steve-O is back on TV as the host of the new TruTV reality competition Killer Karaoke, the hilarious and squirm-inducing show, which has contestants sing karaoke .

The woman behind the lawsuit is named Susanne Ohman -- who claims she recently participated in a singing competition for the upcoming show "Killer Karaoke" According to the lawsuit, filed in L. County Superior Court, the show sprays water at the contestants while they sing as a form of distraction. Susanne claims she got soaked As a result, Susanne claims she "fractured and damaged her tibia, patella, ligaments, knee, leg, bones, and injured her muscles, bone, circulatory system, and body.

Susanne claims she has since been required to undergo surgery -- and expects to undergo even more surgery in the future. She's suing Steve-O and the show's producers for unspecified damages. But Susanne isn't the only alleged victim -- her husband is also suing Steve-O for "loss of consortium" Got a tip?

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