What does internal server error mean on clash of clans

what does internal server error mean on clash of clans

Clash of Clans down for maintenance break

Aug 28, A short tutorial on how to fix the "Unable to connect with server" error message for Clash of Clans on iOS and usadatingescort.comper from this video:https://www. User reports indicate no current problems at Clash of Clans Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game for smartphones and tablets. The game is available free of charge and offers premium items for sale through in-game purchases. During outages, users typically get a 'maintenance break' or 'server error' message/5().

Me and my Clan mates are really addicted to what does internal server error mean on clash of clans game and meet up with this shit nearly 10 times a day. When I am eagerly looking for an opponent, this type of error messages really annoy me.

Hope this is same as in your case. Have anyone found any answers till now? As this is one of the most talking subject of our clan, today I am going to reveal the truth and facts behind this error prompt. Check: Why you banned from clash of clans. But as this article completely sticks to the game, I hope a little introduction will not be bad. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular aggressive strategy game ever seen in Play Store. If some one plays it for a week, it is too difficult to uninstall from his device as well as from his mind.

The game worth 50 MB in size where we are asked to build a village and attack other villagers to loot their gold and elixir. Two or more member can join together and send and receive troops and participate in wars that longs for 2 day. Timely updates made this game more user how to calculate opportunity cost formula and thus the game enlarges with millions of villages.

With in 2 years the game covered with players from different countries. No one can attack until the shield time get over. Unfortunately I am in an awesome clan with 45 active members. All people are chatting well, donating well, attacking well, sharing tips well.

We also chat through our private whatsapp group. We hope that kind of conversations can help in active war fighting. Most of them pointed that they want to know why Client and server out of Sync messages is showing repeatedly. Many ask support from Supercell but never get replied. All of us know that the game is instant game and what we do get instantly updated to the main server.

So that we could start from where we stop. Consider the situation that we are going for an attack. From the starting moment itself, we released all our troops. But after a few seconds, our Internet connection disabled. What will happen? Whether the game what is hosting a domain name or not?

A big NO. If our troop releasing had figured out in the main servers, the remaining game will continue until the time get over or till our whole troops get destroyed. It is because our game is continues playing in its server. This game is complete client-server game. So that you must establish unbreakable synchronous communication with your device and the servers. If there a lagging occur, there may not be an re establishment.

If this happens while you are playing, you may suppose continue in your device. But after the game is over and you score a 3 stars, this may not get updated on the servers and you may loose the game. You can try the below solutions to overcome this problem. Because they are getting cheap and comparatively poor Internet connection. They not receive Connections like how people getting in gulf, American and European countries.

Internet Speed may comparatively slow and may slower that the sync speed of client and server. Game in the servers get executed and game of client may get slower due to bad Internet connection. Also make sure that you are receiving continues Internet access from your providers.

This also could result in Client and Server out of sync issue. Once I received 5 Continues client and server out of sync issue while playing at a long distance from Wi-Fi.

VPN probably blocks if it is free service. Check out VPN also. There may be issues if you are playing this game under college WiFi. Same time there will be hundreds of other connection and proxies. Do you have any other ideas why this message occurs? Our readers will be happy once you share your experience related to this issue. As we figured out Internet connection problem is the main reason that we can resolve from our side. If this error is due to some client problems, we could not do anything.

So kindly check your Data availability. Once again Happy playing. Learn the fundamentals of coding, web development, cloud computing, programming and more. You may feel wonder once you see the outlook of Torch Browser.

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Client and Server are out of sync - again and again

Apr 25, Thank You Everyone So Much For Watch My Video On " How to fix Clash of clans Unable to Connect with Server, please try again Error ". I Hope This Was Useful. Sep 08, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular aggressive strategy game ever seen in Play Store. If some one plays it for a week, it is too difficult to uninstall from his device as well as from his mind. The game worth 50 MB in size where we are asked to build a village and attack other villagers to loot their gold and elixir. Oct 27, I don't know why, but when searching for opponents I sometimes receive this message "Client and Server are out of sync". Then I have to reload. At first I thought, it's my phone's fault, but when I heard this happening to other Clashers too, I started to wonder about it. I can't really believe that SC doesn't know about it. Does this happen to you too?

If Clash of Clans has just taken another maintenance break, like many times in the past, then you will see online connections down today only for a short time. The news normally arrives first on the official Twitter account, which includes a message explaining the maintenance break will start shortly.

Some times these updates could be to disable certain events like Double XP, so short downtime is expected by many.

Are you having Clash of Clans problems on Sunday April 18, ? If the Clash of Clans servers go down longer than expected, then we would love to hear from you below and about any other issues you might be having. COC Server is still down after update earlier this week. Does Supercell have a date when this will be fixed?

The issue is not on my end. I just purchased my HP Chromebook so I could run clash better than with my old cheaper tablet and this is the reception? Been playing for years, much longer of an outage and I may grow tired of trying to get it going and move on to greener pastures! Still not working on my Chromebook. It was fine until Monday. Game and all of my bases still work on my Samsung phone.

I also deleted the game and reinstalled that game on my Amazon fire tablet. I cleared the cache and opened the game, yet it still says update. Please help. I have also had no problems with clash of clans on my Amazon fire tablet before yesterday morning 12th April. My internet works well and my tablet works well.

Me too, did the sametried uninstall then reinstall, still says needs update. Update worked fine on my iphone. Same thing as the past few postseverything worked fine on my Pixelbook Android last evening and now after the update, the black screen shows for a second then disappears. I remember this same thing happening a few updates ago. My Internet connection is really good. When I open Clash of Clans on my Amazon tablet it tells me there is a new update available and takes me to the Amazon app store.

At the Amazon app store it does not show an update, it just says to open app. I have cleared cashe and data for Clash of Clans and I have uninstalled and installed the app again with no success. I am not sure what to do now. My game crashing again and again,I opens it and just in 5 sec it restarts automatically,this process is repetitive. Estoy teniendo problemas para jugar COC, no termina de cargar y no puedo entrar.

Intente reinstalar en mi telefono con googleplay,incluso con aptoide y sigue el mismo problema. Alguien mas con el mismo problema?. I am having problems playing COC, it does not finish loading and I cannot enter.

I tried to reinstall on my phone with googleplay, even with aptoide and it follows the same problem. Anyone else with the same problem?. My phone Honor 6x has a problem with coc since yesterday evening. I tried to open it on my old phone and it works fine there.

Bro, after the maintenance, mines will load halfway, and then crashes. Did You just have maintenance break today? I have fast internet connection. Can u please help methank you. Same issue and not planning to purchase a newer device solely for Clash. Since the December update my iPad 4 with IOS9 is now not compatible and keeps asking to update and will not load.

Since the last update my iPad 4 which only goes to IOS 9 is now not compatible and keeps asking to update. Clash of clans crashing after new December 7 update. Loads into the game and then freezes for one second then crashes. My app crashes as soon as it opens. Freezes after like 4 seconds and then crashes. This happened immediately following the update. After update i opened d app the game got stuck and came back to main page plz fix it we have clan league.

Tried deleting app and reinstalling it nothing works what do I do now? This all started late last night. LG X Power. After October update clash will not load on my samsung chromebook pro. Cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled multiple times.

App crash on start immediately after last update, reset, clear cache or reinstall not solved this problem. Lenovo Yoga book Android 7. Same Have just gotten update in New Zealand. Running CoC in Bluestacks. After update, try to open and screen goes black and then CoC closes. But this time when I went to Google Store and re-downloaded. I got the game at MB. After that install there was an Update button that downloaded another 8 MB.

That installed and now I am back in! The maintenance is expected to start in about 20 minutes but it depends on when the update becomes available in the app stores! Clash of Clans was just down for maintenance, for just under an hour around 12 noon UK time 26th March. Hey Papa I did! So yah, my criticism of Supercell and their uninformed and unhelpful support team stands! Anyone who has NOT reached out, please do so because they love to blame everyone else for problems they create!

Utterly ridiculous how terrible Supercell is at customer support and keeping the community informed. This has been going on for several hours now with no messages from Supercell. After update today December 10th, , the app keeps crashing. I play on a galaxy S7. Anyone else having this issue? Since October 23,rd there was an update on CoC and i havn,t been able to load the game since then on Bluestacks 4.

Can anyone explain why? Supercell has just taken the game down for a sudden maintenance break on August Are you trying to play right now? Will not load. Have cycled everything off and on, all updates complete. Im not entirely sure what is going on but it is rather frustrating and im hoping the issue will be resolved soon. I have tried everything from reboot to uninstalling app and redownloading. Also clearing app cache and dataI have spent alot of money on this game and would continue to due so but if supercell expects me to get a new phone to play there game I will give up the game.

I currently use a LG K7 android phone. I have actively played CoC for over 4 years and never had problems after app updates. Ways happening? I have uninstalled COC and reinstalled 5 times with the same result.

I have no COC now and I have access to my apps, but am missing my second war now hopefully my clan misses me. This will happen every time you try to log into COC til they decide to fix the prob. And yeah I agree, this is crap.

Same issue here with a galaxy s7. When everyone gets back up and running please check out my clan! Looking for other highly active members that are English speaking as well to join us.

We are one war away from being a level 9 clan!! Look forward to seeing you there!! I could go th 12 and im missing clan games we won and my 2 war attacks cant cconnect to the server wow ty. I have a Galaxy 6 edge phone and after updating Clash keeps knocking me out. Tried reinstalling more than once and just cleared the cache, still not working.

My COC is throwing same error as the others. Done everything and no COC.

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