What happens in the book matched

what happens in the book matched

Does the book matched have a movie?

At the Banquet, an extravagant spectacle with lavish food and drink, year-olds in attendance are to be Matched with their life partners, most of whom are attending their own Banquets in other Cities. They are displayed to one another on a screen when they are Matched. When it is Cassia’s turn, she is Matched to Xander, to her elation. Chapter 5 Summary. At the game center, Cassia and Xander stop at a game table with Cassia’s best friend, Em. Xander decides to play while the girls decline. Cassia recalls that she used to love playing such games, but at a certain point that she can’t pinpoint, stopped liking them. As they watch Xander play, Em asks Cassia what it’s like knowing her Match.

Indie Holt was an Aberration who was introduced in Crossed. She grew up in Sonoma and strongly believes in the Pilot and the Rising thanks to her mother. During her time in Sonoma, she built a boat in an attempt to escape and find them.

However, she was caught before she lost sight of the shore and became an Aberration. Indie met Cassia Reyes at a work camp and tried to escape in the morning one day when the Aberrations from the camp were being taken away to the fake camps in the Outer Provinces.

Indie, however, was caught and was taken to the village. On the air ship ride to the village, Indie and Cassia trade items to keep hidden. Indie ends up tricking Cassia, as Indie didn't have an item she wanted to keep hidden- instead she took Cassia's microcard- which show Xander Carrow 's profile. Indie and Cassia along with another boy run to the Carving from the Aberration Camp.

The other boy dies because of the blue tablets and she and Cassia continue through the Carving. She becomes friends with Cassia during their time in the Carving and finds a wasp's nest. Along the way, Indie speculates about Xander's secret and end ups falling for him.

The group met Hunter after watching him bury his daughter, Sarah. Cassia keeps her Grandfather 's sample and Eli keeps Vick's. Indie also keeps a sample before Vick destroys the samples left and Indie, Cassia, Ky, and Eli leave him. Eventually, Indie and Cassia go down the river in a boat while Ky travels on foot to the Rising. Indie and Cassia reach the Rising first and join. Indie becomes the best pilot and grows an attachment to the Pilot through it.

She and Ky how to get grant funding for nonprofit organizations closer friends together in the Rising. Indie also meets Xander. Indie kisses Ky at one point. While they are there she gets the mutation and tries to fly away from the plague and the Society.

She goes still, crashes, and dies. Ky visions this during the time he is still. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article contains plot details about an upcoming book. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Xander CarrowKy Markham. CrossedReached.

Cassia Maria Reyes

Matched Summary and Analysis of Chapters Two days after seeing the showing, Cassia is at the Arboretum with a group of students, waiting to begin hiking. She chats first with a stranger, and then with an annoying boy named Lon, who crassly asks about her dead grandfather. Cassia is delighted when Ky appears, having signed up for hiking as well. Correspondingly, what happens in the book matched? After a young girl (Cassia) is "matched" with her best friend (Xander), things go crazy and Cassia must choose between love and order. A world were everything is controlled, who you love and when you die. But Cassia's plans are different, when she is matched on her 17th birthday everything changes. May 25,  · Matched is a young-adult dystopian novel by Aly Condie, about a future world where all marriages are decided by genetics and mathematical algorithms. In the .

Ky Markham is an Aberration that was adopted by the Markham family in the same borough as Cassia Reyes because their son had been killed by an escapee Anomaly Later in Reached we find out that Ky's cousin Matthew actually vanished to the Otherlands. Ky is intelligent and mysterious, holding the secrets of his past close to his heart. He knows that when "someone knows your story they know you. And they can hurt you" Condie In the first book , Cassia grows a liking to Ky, in which she tries to abandon.

She knows that since she was Matched to Xander Carrow , she cannot love someone else. Or can she? Ky is described as very good-looking and has a very gentle and calm personality. He smiles very little but is a kind person. He has black hair, darker skin tone and dark, deep blue eyes. Ky also struggles with his past life, which was taken forcefully from him by the Society. Ky had a hard past. He grew up in the outer provinces where it is a lot harder to survive.

His father got his family sent to the Outer Provinces and reclassified. Ky's father, Sione, wanted to help the rising and in result got the village killed. Ky was safe because he did not join the Rising.

He ran to the Carving where the farmers live as Anomalies , as his father once told him to do if anything happened to him or the village. His mother and father were killed in the explosion. Before he got there an Official caught him and took him to the province of Oria. Ky hates the Rising because he thinks that it was what changed his life. His father wanted to be the Pilot and tried to lead a rebellion, but it caused the entire village to die.

Later, he changes his mind and decides to go with Indie and Cassia to find the Rising. When he gets there, he goes through an interrogation and is assigned to be a pilot, and he gets separated from Cassia again because she is assigned to help the Rising from within the Society at Central.

They meet again when the Pilot needs their help finding a cure for a a diease called the Plague which had mutated and was getting out of hand. However, then Ky contracts the illness. During his illness he sees Indie. The two are in an ocean together, but Indie swims away and leaves him behind. When he is cured, he finds out that Indie has died. Ky had always had an interest in year old Cassia Reyes since he was a young boy, when they were thirteen and Cassia helped Bram get over his fears.

The time they first met was at the public swimming pool, where he noticed her bright smile. Since the Match Banquet , however, Ky had found more of an interest in her and was her main love interest even though Cassia was Matched to Xander. The two met on a hill where they did hiking together. Hidden among the trees Ky told Cassia his past on napkins, taught her how to write, and whispered poems to her. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :.

Universal Conquest Wiki. Cassia Reyes , Indie Holt. Matched , Crossed , Reached.

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