What illness did tiny tim have

what illness did tiny tim have

Get out the stethoscope, today we diagnose Tiny Tim

Mar 06,  · Chesney isn't the first to suggest a medical diagnosis for Tiny Tim. Others have suggested that he had polio, cerebral palsy or a kidney disease called renal tubular acidosis. . With this condition, acid accumulates in the blood, creating a cascade of problems. If untreated, it could have caused the short stature, crippled leg, withered hand, intermittent weakness and.

But medical sleuths are more interested in the book's biggest unanswered question: What exactly was wrong with Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit's sickly son? Online detectives have been debating this question for years, using clues taken from the book to form possible diagnoses.

Internist Dr. Daniel J. Glunk, president-elect of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, has examined all of these theories and determined that many seem to have merit in identifying Tiny Tim's ailment. We know that What is 100 mg converted to ml Tim was growing up in London in the mids, a time when heavy smog lay thick in the air, blocking sunlight. From Dickens' descriptions of the lad, we know he was very small, used a crutch and was very sick.

Because Scrooge was a well-known, well, scrooge, it is clear Cratchit's meager salary was not enough to buy good food and medicine for his son. From the scenes Scrooge sees while being visited by the ghosts, we see Cratchit carrying Tiny Tim from time to time, a possible sign of muscle fatigue. We also learn through Scrooge's time travels that Tiny Tim would soon die.

At the end of the book, readers are led to believe that the pay raise the changed Scrooge gives Bob Cratchit helps to save Tiny Tim. One theory floating around the Web is that Tiny Tim suffered from renal tubular acidosis RTAa kidney disease that makes blood too acidic. According to Glunk, RTA occurs when the kidneys fail to excrete acids into the urine, cause the acid to build up in the blood.

The result can be growth retardation, kidney stones, bone disease and progressive renal failure—symptoms that seem to match some of Tiny Tim's. Plus the fact that Tiny Tim's condition is fatal if left untreated, but reversible if proper medicine is used, helps to guide medical sleuths to RTA.

While 19th century doctors wouldn't have been able to test for the disease or even put a name on it, they did know the symptoms and how to treat them, Glunk said. Frequent doses of alkaline substances would have been given to such patients, which would neutralize the acid in the blood.

Other Internet sleuths have what are the names of the transformers that Tiny Tim suffered vitamin D deficiency, commonly called rickets. Rickets was a widespread problem in cities with heavy smog that blocked sunlighta major source of vitamin D.

Without vitamin D, the body can't absorb calcium and has difficulty building and maintaining strong bones. Some signs of rickets include soft bones, muscular weakness, osteoporosis, and joint pain. Of course, it's nearly impossible to say for sure what was ailing Tiny Tim, but that won't keep armchair online physicians from combing for clues to what is a good name for a betta fish possible diagnoses.

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Tiny Tim's modern diagnosis

Dec 21,  · Though we are given some details about Tiny Tim's condition in A Christmas Carol, nowhere in the book does Dickens ever tell us exactly what the angelic child's illness is. However, in recent decades, a number of medical researchers have made an effort to definitively diagnose Dickens' most adorable character. What disease did Tiny Tim have in A Christmas Carol? Tiny Tim: In A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens in , Tiny Tim was the young son of Bob Crachit. Bob was the assistant to the. Dec 21,  · Kidney disease One theory floating around the Web is that Tiny Tim suffered from renal tubular acidosis (RTA), a kidney disease that makes blood .

In the well-loved Christmas tale it has never been out-of-print since it was first published in , the protagonist so to speak is Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserly boss of Bob Cratchit, who lives with his family in poverty while Scrooge enjoys an easy life. One member of the Cratchit family, Tiny Tim, struggles with a crutch and has iron bars on his legs, but the name of his illness is not given. As the story progresses, Scrooge is visited by four ghosts who show him the error of his miserly ways.

During the last of these visitations, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge among other things that Tiny Tim has died of his ailments. Ultimately, however, Scrooge repents and becomes more generous with the Cratchit family. Different scholars have suggested a variety of ailments including cerebral palsy, TB, nutritional deficiency, rickets, spine injury, polio and renal tubular acidosis; this latter is a good candidate, since it can have a deleterious effect on a skeleton, yet be easily reversed by treatment with alkaline salts.

Although not a cure, the symptoms of TB can be greatly alleviated by strengthening the immune system. Russell W. In the worst parts of London, the poor lived in filthy, crowded conditions shaded by soot-filled skies. While this saved them from sunburns see: What Causes Sunburns , it had detrimental effects to other parts of their health. Pertinent here is that UV-B absorption by the skin is key to vitamin D synthesis in humans.

So most Londoners only way to get vitamin D was diet. For the poor, the foods naturally high in vitamin D, like fish, certain fats, liver, milk or eggs, were out-of-reach.

Adding insult to injury, children with rickets were more susceptible to respiratory diseases like pneumonia and TB. Thus, Chesney concludes that Tim had both diseases. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. September 23, Melissa 2 comments. Masen G. Enjoy this article? Articles Christmas Entertainment Holiday Facts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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