What is smog in china

what is smog in china

China Smog Photos Show How Bad Its Air Pollution Problem Has Become

Nov 01, †Ј What is the smog in China like? Yellow or brown is when you need to bust out your smog mask. During the summer in Chengdu, you barely . Mar 18, †Ј Smog in China has many causes, including pollution from industries and traffic, but it tends to happen more often in the winter, when plummeting temperatures cause .

Tangshan, China In this city by the Yellow Sea, some miles east of Beijing in Hebei Province, was obliterated by an earthquake that killed at leastpeopleЧaround a quarter of the population.

Afterward the city was rebuilt, and it helped build modern China. Flatbed trucks loaded with big rolls of steel are parked on roadsides. From the rubble ofclusters of tall, concrete apartment buildings have risen to house the workers who keep the mills and factories running and the towering smokestacks pumping.

In China today, air pollution kills an estimated 1. But in Tangshan, people are also feeling the costs of the fight for cleaner air. His wife, Li Yong Min, runs the store. Wang works in the mill, purifying molten steel and casting it into billets. But the pay is good, the bonus reliable. Over the past few how to find utility providers for an address, as factories in Tangshan have been shuttered or relocated, ordered to scale back production or to install expensive air scrubbers, Wang has watched colleagues get laid off.

But he thinks his mill will survive the cutback in steel-making. The economic rise has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of povertyЧand whaat Tangshan, out of utter ruin.

But it has also left many of them with undrinkable water, tainted food, and toxic air. Chinese what is smog in china are pressing residents to give up coal stoves and furnaces at home. Officials have required higher-quality gasoline and diesel for vehicles. Car emissions standards set to take effect in will be comparable to European and American ones.

But the focus remains on heavy industry. In March the national government announced the closure or cancellation of coal-fired power plants, capable of generating a total of more than 50 gigawatts of power. It said it would also cut steel production capacity by another 50 million tons. Levels of fine-particulate pollution in the Beijing region had fallen by more than 25 percent in andas initial cuts bore fruit, but in late and early they spiked again.

A Greenpeace analysis revealed why: Steel production actually increased inin spite of earlier reductions in capacity, because what is long term unemployment central government was stimulating demand and local officials were protecting their mills read more about this problem.

The public outcry over pollution offers the central government political cover for painful decisions it needs to make, for reasons having nothing to do with the im. Overcapacity in the steel, cement, glass, and power sectors, smoh by dangerously high levels of debt, is widely considered an economic time bomb that leaders know they must defuse. Pollution is one problem in China about which there is a robust public conversation.

With stunning but typically Chinese speed, the government has built a nationwide network of un tracking levels of PM2. More surprisingly, the government has made the data from those monitors publicly available.

It has done the same with measurements taken outside thousands of factories. Anyone with a smartphone in China can now check local air quality in real time, see whether a particular facility is breaching emissions limits, and report violators to local enforcement agencies via social media. The governance is still authoritarian, of course. Leaders in Beijing judge the performance of those in the provincesЧbut a rewrite of the criteria is beginning to change attitudes, Xie says.

Now environmental concerns, particularly air quality, are given greater weight. Mayors who have failed to deliver on air quality can be called in to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and warned they must step up efforts. The results are sometimes more cosmetic than real. Leaders order temporary factory closures to clear the air ahead of high-profile events like international summits.

Last year, on the 40 th anniversary of the earthquake, Tangshan hosted the World Horticultural Expo. The giant flower show was held on what time does radioshack open on sunday site of a former coal mine. Near the center of town, a steelworker with stylish glasses and spiky ix, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of angering his employer, complains that his salary has shrunk by 20 percent in five years.

He blames both falling demand for steel and the impact of environmental rules. Still, she dreams of a different life for her son. Something better than the heat and hard labor his father enduresЧan office job, although wht worries his grades may not be good enough. All rights reserved. A thick shat smog hangs over it all. Share Tweet Email. Read This Next The hidden world of whale culture.

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Dec 21, †Ј The burning of coal is the biggest factor contributing to northern ChinaТs smoggy conditions, according to Professor Chai Fahe, a researcher with the Chinese Research Academy of . May 08, †Ј China smog returns after pandemic cleared the air. Factories in China have ramped up production after the lifting of lockdowns and strict travel restrictions. The coronavirus pandemic had . Mar 11, †Ј The smog, the second severe wave to hit northern China in about a month, could be directly linked to greater industrial output since the beginning of .

The coronavirus pandemic had cleared smog from China's skies for months, but air pollution has returned with a vengeance as factories rush to ramp up output after going idle during the outbreak. Levels of toxic pollutants including nitrogen dioxide and tiny particles known as PM2. Levels of PM2. Satellite images released earlier by NASA and the European Space Agency showed that nitrogen dioxide emissions in major Chinese cities in central and eastern China -Ч where most chemical, steel and cement plants are locatedЧwere down by 30 percent in the first two months of the year.

But the level of PM2. The level of nitrogen dioxide in a cubic metre of air in April was Both pollutants are toxic by-products of burning coal, oil and gas and can cause asthma, heart diseases and can even weaken the immune system , making people more susceptible to contracting other illnesses.

Exposure to chronic air pollution has shortened China's average life expectancy by more than four years, according to the World Health Organization.

An uptick in industrial production and adverse weather patterns have worsened air pollution in April, Li said. Electricity production was up 1. China relies on coal for most of its energy, he said.

Local governments were also turning a blind eye towards factories flouting emissions standards as they rushed to increase production. The environment ministry said Friday that local officials in the coastal province of Fujian Ч- a textile and electronics equipment manufacturing hub -Ч have failed to take "strict and correct" measures to curb illegal emissions and even accepted bribes from companies.

Some heavy polluters have also been faking emissions data submitted to the government's online monitoring system over the last two months, the ministry said in a separate statement Friday.

A company in the eastern city of Wenzhou that was helping the local government collect online emissions data had "tampered with the figures more than times between March 24 and April 9", the ministry said. Environmentalists are worried that a stimulus to kick-start the ailing economy, which shrank 6. In the years that followed, air pollution rose to record highs and sparked a public backlash. China has refrained from an all-out stimulus this time around, and has pushed for investments in high-tech sectors such as 5G telecom networks, smart manufacturing, data centres and electric vehicles.

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