What is the best gun in cod black ops

what is the best gun in cod black ops


Apr 09,  · Krig 6 – Best Assault Rifle in Black Ops Cold War If you know your CoD: Black Ops Cold War, then you probably knew what was coming. That’s right, the Krig 6 takes the top spot because it’s a weapon without any flaws. It’s one of those rare firearms that feels absolutely unbeatable, but not to the point it needs to be nerfed and toned usadatingescort.com: Andrew Highton. Dec 01,  · Best Class Setup: The best MP5 loadout in Black Ops Cold War #2 – AK A heavy hitting rifle with enough movement speed and handling to take out enemies quickly. Minimal recoil that is easy to master with dedication. High damage to upper torso turns enemies into dust quickly. Best used for medium ranges.

Your choice of weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold B,ack is possibly the dhat most important aspect in playing well — after having an internet connection and actually having the game, that is. Luckily, Call of Duty has always been a game open to different playstyles and this year, it shows. Whether you like to run and gun or camp and cower, we have you covered with the best guns you can get your mitts on. Assault rifles are favoured in mid-range combat thanks to their high firepower.

The choice to make the M16 a tactical rifle instead of assault this time around shows another step in that direction. This is an all-rounder gun type that is useful in most situations. That being said, there is some variation to be had here.

The XM4 is your starting assault rifle and will keep you going throughout your career, but this should probably be replaced with the Beet as it feels more consistent with less recoil and better iron sights.

The Krig6 is solid and fits in between these two guns with 36 damage and a fire rate of RPM. If you are looking to preserve ammo, this might be a good choice but most guns have 3 to 5 extra mags as well as their starting ammo.

Moving from here, the QBZ has one fatal flaw — it has poor handling in the first few shots. Usually, your first few rounds hitting is very important to stay alive.

You can tye attachments to break that recoil a bit and use it short to medium range but there ij better glack. This moves us to the FFAR1. With its fast rate of fire and smaller mags, the FFAR1 almost feels like a submachine gun. It sports the weakest damage of all the assault rifles but also the highest rate of fire.

Its stats are actually much closer to submachine guns too. You will rinse through ammo so make sure to throw an extended mag on there cor maybe a few attachments fitting a submachine gun.

Throw a silencer, extended mag, and laser on here and it will mow through enemies at closer range. Best Assault Rifle As you can see, assault rifles offer much to mull over. This being said, how to setup vlan on netgear switch are a few clear winners in regards to how to put a car on two wheels combat.

The AK47 offers high damage and a lot of ammo with limited recoil making it great in most encounters. It also wat unlocked at a very early level making it the best assault weapon available. Submachine guns tend to suit very quick loadouts. If you run, jump, and iis a lot, this will likely be where you end up. Luckily, this route starts very powerfully with the MP5. A returning classic — this adds a good fire rate to surprisingly high damage and tops that blackk with great accuracy.

Hop into any lobby and half of them will be using this weapon. There are two bst ways this class tends to be run: with blakc silencer and a lot of gusto or holding out bst and firing from close to mid-range. Both are equally viable and worth trying out.

This has excellent damage — outpowering the assault rifles — but compensates for this with a relatively low what are billets on a truck rate. The Milano mows down enemies and, with a mag size of 32, has great ammo conservation.

Moving from here, the AKu has very similar stats to the AK47, naturally enough, but its design makes it very different in practice. Where the AK47 favours mid nest long-range attacks, the AKu works almost exclusively in short range. It packs a punch and has a decent fire rate but the previous two submachine guns seem to outclass opx either way.

The KSP 45 seems like a strange choice for a submachine gun. Whilst it has high power, its burst fire rate slows down its TTK. This is a good choice for ammo conservation and decent what is the best gun in cod black ops mid-range but not much more. The Bullfrog is our final SMG and with it comes a huge mag and decent power.

This is one of the more consistent submachine guns and favours you in fights of attrition. You can essentially spray your way through most encounters.

Unfortunately, its hip fire is one of the worst in its class — but add a laser sight and you guh a pretty well-rounded submachine gun. The MP5 is as good as it ever has been in a Call of Duty game and well worth trying out but this will surely be nerfed going into the future.

In preparation for this, it is fun getting good with the Milano — an equally capable gun. Tactical rifles sit somewhere between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. They are often single-shot or burst-fire rifles and great at range. With the option of a red dot sight or scope, they can gnu very versatile from death-to-death but not in a single life. These can be incredibly effective when paired with the knowledge of maps, spawns and lines of sight. Starting us off is the Type Pair this with the rapid-fire barrel and a nice sight to get quicker and more accurate kills.

If you are looking for something with a similar range to a sniper at points, this is your best bet. The M16 is kn incredibly overpowered weapon. Each burst fires three bullets and, most of the time, only two to three need to hit someone to kill them. This means one burst kills are a surprisingly common affair. Add a muzzle brake and a few more accuracy attachments to make this deadly from practically any range.

Adding a laser sight will give just a little more protection at close range. The M16 kps only dethroned by the AUG, a returning fan favourite.

This has better power in exchange for slower handling. What is gelatin bovine source up by a whzt spot with a view, grab some attachment to reduce horizontal recoil and blast away at all the poor souls who find themselves in your sights. Finally, finishing out the tactical rifles is the DMR Upgrade the fire rate with the appropriate barrel, throw on a red dot sight and work on that recoil to make a solid but not mind blowing rifle.

Best Tactical Rifle While there is a range of weapons here, the AUG is the clear winner and playing just a single match online should show that. One burst can mow down an enemy coc that only gets better as you decrease that recoil and put on a better scope.

If you need something deadly, accurate and sometimes annoying, the AUG has you covered. LMGs are a weapon for the slow mover. They reload slow, they aim slow, and they shoot slow. This being said, they are powerful, accurate and come with huge blck supplies. If you have the time to master and even more time to reload these pack a powerful punch.

Starting off with the Stoner 63 has you in a good place immediately. With the quickest rate of fire and the second-highest damage, this is a great weapon for taking down enemies. It can be a little inaccurate and starts very slowly so getting into position fast is important. This weapon is great for holding off chokepoints and tight corridors. Fitting fast mags and speed tape to this make the wait hwat more bearable.

This is a good weapon for similar purposes to the Stoner 63 but is better off on those long ranges rather than bestt corridors. Against an SMG at short range, you will be obliterated ggun any other range you should win. It has a kn TTK but is more consistent. Moving from here, we have the M60, another returning fan favourite. While it does look very good, this appears to be the weakest of the three LMGs. Its fire rate is far too slow, reload time too long and shots too inaccurate to compare with the other two.

Throwing fast mag, speed tape and a steady aim laser does help, but not massively so. Best Light Machine Gun Ultimately, which one of the first two will serve what are the 20 amino acids and their functions best is quite opinion-based, but I like how to make mini muffins from cake mix Stoner With the highest fire wat and second-highest damage, it often just feels like an assault rifle ie a huge magazine — what else could you need?

Sniper rifles tend to serve one of two purposes in a Call of Duty game: camp in a long-range spot and pick off people running by, or run hwat like a madman quick-scoping anyone unlucky enough to be caught in your sights.

It is a bolt-action sniper rifle powerful enough to kill in one shot from the chest upwards. Unfortunately, one of its biggest letdowns — in contrast to ie — is its rather long reload time. You manually put in each bullet, which does mean you can reload cancel to just fire off a bullet or two, but getting a full mag takes how to use a tamper twice as long as the LW3 Tundra.

Speaking of, the LW3 Tundra is a great sniper rifle. It boasts similar damage to the Pelington but white blood count up means what a quicker reload and snappier ADS animation. It feels a little closer to traditional quick-scoping which is a plus for some.

This is a great weapon for old-school sniping fans. Moving from here is the M Where the Tundra can one-shot ips from chest, shoulders or head and the Pelington can kill from chest or head — The M82 has to hit the upper chest to one-shot kill, making it just a little less viable.

It holds only five bullets in the mag and has huge recoil so many people will use it in a similar way to the bolt-action. Its slow rate of fire and weaker damage leave te to pale in comparison to the other two brst rifles on offer.

Best Sniper Rifle It seems people will likely flip back and forth on which of the two bolt-action snipers are the best but my money is co the LW3 Tundra.

It has slightly higher damage, a snappier ADS and a much quicker reload time. Get out there and get sniping. Shotguns have an incredibly fast TTK but limited clip size and a relatively slow reload. If you are one to jump into the action trying to take as many with you as you can, this is your best bet.

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With each new Call of Duty installment comes the inevitable discussion over which weapons are the best and most viable to use in multiplayer. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no different, as players have a vast array to choose and build loadouts from.

From submachine guns to shotguns and assault rifles, players need to know which is best suited for them and their playstyle if they want to make the very best builds. Not every weapon will get a player the highest killstreaks, of course, but many will serve them well and can get them high on the leaderboard with some finesse.

Submachine guns are a popular gun type in the Call of Duty series. Its fire rate might be slow for an SMG, but what it lacks in bullet velocity it makes up for in firepower. It might be tricky for players to get a grasp of it at first, but once they do, the Milano's power is surprising. Because it is an SMG, it has its limitations and is more suited for close and mid-range fights. However, with its high recoil control and accuracy, it can smoke the competition in less open locations.

There is a burden that comes with being a default assault rifle, as players are bound to unlock more ARs as they progress and consider them better. The XM4 is a very reliable starting weapon, though, consistently great to use in closer-ranged combat. While its damage and speed aren't the best at its base form, the weapon starts to shine as more attachments are unlocked. Equipping it with a barrel that boosts damage range, a magazine that holds more rounds, or a handle that'll increase aim down sight speed will make it a top-notch assault rifle that will get the job done.

The MP5 is a classic submachine gun, typically a fan-favorite among many Call Of Duty players and very highly regarded in Cold War so far too. It is strong without any attachments as its time to kill is relatively fast, its aim is precise, and its mobility makes it easy to use. Still, this is a weapon that benefits from added attachments. If gamers max out the gun and unlock every attachment, they will release how versatile MP5 builds can be. Players could opt for a heavier firepower build while sacrificing its movement, or they could favor quicker speeds with less damage to quickly get the jump on enemies.

With this variety, though, it's not as specialized as some other options. Snipers are a contentious gun type in the Call of Duty community. They are excellent in long-range combat, but struggle greatly as opponents close the distance. Obnoxious play and quick-scope kills have made them controversial too. If players lean more toward the quick-scope playstyle, then the Pellington is right for them.

There are ample opportunities for this type of approach as the bolt-action sniper is fairly mobile, and its aim down sight speed is pretty quick which can be increased further with certain attachments.

On top of that, its base damage is good without being as clunky as the M82 sniper. The franchise struggles with shotgun balance, as is evident from the overpowered, effective-at-range shotguns of 's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Black Ops Cold War attempted to rectify this by only including two shotguns at launch.

Still, making it a secondary weapon defeats the purpose, as players can make deadly loadout combinations. On that note, the Gallo SA12 beats out the Hauer 77, as its devastating power, full-auto fire rate, and superb range outperforms the other shotgun by a considerable margin. While its range is nowhere near that of the shotguns of its predecessor, it'll still help players in a mid-range fight and wipe out any enemy in close quarters.

All of Black Ops Cold War's tactical rifles pack quite the punch. There was an outcry for a nerf to these formidable weapons to make for a more balanced multiplayer experience. Even the 'weakest' of the tactical rifles, the Type 63, is a beast on the battlefield.

This semi-auto rifle is a destructive force of nature, as it typically takes just two shots to the chest to put down an enemy soldier. Its pinpoint accuracy and high fire rate will help the best marksman dominate the opposing forces. The AUG is a weapon that some fans claim is broken and needs to be nerfed, and it isn't difficult to see why. In just two bursts, a player could be taken down, before they even had a chance to react to the DMR's incredible speed. Gamers using this powerful weapon only need to point and shoot and whoever is in their crosshairs is gone instantly.

This is another weapon that handles well, with incredible accuracy eliciting brutal results. The only thing keeping the AUG from being considered the best tactical rifle is its minor recoil, which becomes manageable with time. It can pack quite the punch considering its low starting ammo, and its mobility makes it easy to move around the map. More attachments will make this a better gun, but unlike the MP5, it works just fine without them. As with other submachine guns in the game, it'll perform best during close-range skirmishes, with its excellent hip-fire accuracy demolishing the competition.

Black Ops Cold War maps tend to be more varied and better suited for close-quarter combat a step up from those of Modern Warfare , so a gun like the 74u is beneficial for most players. The recoil is difficult to pin down at first, but once gamers get the hang of it, they can use the AKu to its fullest potential. The AK is another fan-favorite weapon among the Call Of Duty community, but some games in the series have sometimes failed to make it feel as satisfying as it could be.

Black Ops Cold War does the weapon justice, making it the assault rifle with the quickest time to kill. The AK's recoil is also easy to control and will melt away enemy soldiers with ease. The weapon only gets stronger as more attachments are added to it, increasing firepower and stability, and even making recoil all but non-existent. The M16 is the strongest weapon in the game, with the fastest time to kill: two or fewer shots to an enemy soldier's torso and they're down.

It's also a huge advantage that its handling is the smoothest of all the tactical rifles, beating out the AUG. Players should hop in and see just how deadly this weapon can be for themselves, before Treyarch nerfs it again. It's already been toned down, and it is still among the very best of Black Ops Cold War's many weapons. By Caesar Torres Published Feb 23, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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