What is the definition of frolic

what is the definition of frolic

Definition of frolic (Entry 2 of 3) intransitive verb. 1: to amuse oneself: make merry I didn't choose the school so I could frolic in the quad — Hugh Gallagher. 2: to play and run about happily: romp . frolic. (?fr?l?k) n. 1. a light-hearted entertainment or occasion. 2. light-hearted activity; gaiety; merriment. vb, -ics, -icking or -icked. (intr) to caper about; act or behave playfully. adj. archaic or literary full of merriment or fun.

When you play around in a swimming pool, splashing and having a good time, this how to convert ssl certificate into .pem an example of frolic.

We had a good frolic this morning out in the garden. She is fond of fun and frolicand loves dearly to be with other children. If there are children around, nothing pleases me so much as to frolic with them. After dinner it began to snow, and we had a good frolic and an interesting lesson about the snow. They sat in definitin silence, watching a couple of squirrel's frolic in the warm spring sun. Home Dictionary Meanings Frolic. Whqt 0. A playful trick; prank.

Merriment; gaiety; fun. Full of fun and pranks; merry. A lively party or game. To make merry; have fun. To play or romp about in a happy, carefree way.

The term typically refers definiion circumstances in which the employee pursued a personal interest during the hours of employment. Gaiety ; merriment. A playful antic. The definition of frolic is to play definjtion engage in lighthearted merriment. Playful behavior or merriment. A playful movement or act. A sexual act or encounter. To move about or behave playfully; romp. To engage in lovemaking. Origin of frolic. Frolic Sentence Examples. Related articles.

Chiasmus Examples and Effect Eddie Cantor. Also Mentioned In. Words near frolic in the Dictionary.

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verb (used without object), frol·icked, frol·ick·ing. to gambol merrily; to play in a frisky, light-spirited manner; romp: The children were frolicking in the snow. to have fun; engage in merrymaking; play . frolic definition: 1. to play and behave in a happy way: 2. happy behaviour, like that of children playing: 3. to. Learn more. The definition of frolic is to play or engage in lighthearted merriment. When you play around in a swimming pool, splashing and having a good time, this is an example of frolic. verb.

One of the many pleasures of the book is to see the lyricist frolic in another form. But Iran may yet frolic around in this gap between the U. From out of nowhere, about ten young men came to frolic in the water too, unnecessarily close to us.

And, increasingly, it sounds as though the woman he chose to frolic with is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The way you pranced and frolic around, dressed in so called Native American attire, is a mockery of our way of life and culture. Off they ran, and soon came back with Tom and Ann and their little brother Johnny, all eager for a frolic. But do not take mine, O frolic fellow Spookist, from the same source; mine is wrong.

We knowed when we seed him comin' dat dar wus gwine ter be a whuppin' frolic 'fore de day wus gone. Merry, happy children were these three, full of life and health, and always ready for a frolic. Of the men on the Frolic there were not twenty alive and unhurt, while on the Wasp only five were dead and five wounded. Save This Word! See synonyms for frolic on Thesaurus. Did you ever collect all those state quarters?

Put them to good use on this quiz about curious state monikers and the facts around them. What is it? The Sunflower State. Words related to frolic cavort , gambol , play , drollery , romp , gaiety , joke , joviality , merriment , trick , fun , game , escapade , antic , lark , shenanigan , sport , tomfoolery , spree , prank. The Nursery, November , Vol. XXX Various. Nicholas, Vol. Stories of Our Naval Heroes Various. Derived forms of frolic frolicker , noun.

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