What jobs are in high demand right now

what jobs are in high demand right now

20 Jobs That Employers Are Filling Now

The most in-demand high-paying jobs on Indeed If you’re looking for a new job or are interested in switching fields, it may be helpful to know which jobs are most in-demand. Below is a list of the 25 U.S. job titles posted most by employers on Indeed, from July 10 to . Aug 27,  · With this third entry on the list, sales secures its place as one of the most in-demand fields to work in right now. This manager position requires more skill and experience as a supervisor. Project manager. These positions involve coordinating different teams of Author: Kenneth Terrell.

About 10 million Americans filed for unemployment in the final what jobs are in high demand right now of March. Not all industries are furloughing or laying off employees, though. With surges in demand for groceries, toiletriesand delivery in general during the coronavirus outbreakmany industries are hiring and hundreds of thousands of front-line positions are currently open. While employees must do what they can to reduce the risk of getting sick, it is still an employer's responsibility to keep their workforce safe.

Here are seven positions in high demand, and what to make sure your prospective employer is doing to reduce your risk of infection. Note that regular breaks for resting and hand washing are relevant for each of these jobs, and many come with their own social distancing challenges.

Pharmacies and general stores are seeing an influx of customers stocking up on medicine, cleaning supplies, and toiletries, so retailers countrywide are in need of people to fill shelves, work the cash registers, and provide customer service.

Current job openings: CVS has announced it will hire 50, new employees. Walgreens is looking for 9,while 7-Eleven plans to hire 20, Among dollar store chains, Dollar General plans to hire 50, workers, while Dollar Tree has announced it will hire 25, Target also has more than 9, positions open countrywide. What to consider: "A major issue that might be the case in some of those situations," says Sorensen, "would be the contact with the public and the inability to control that.

Sorensen recommends that retailers consider how worker schedules are set up to minimize that kind of contact. Are they scheduling employees so that they can do some work before and after the store's doors are open to the public, for example? Are there enough breaks provided so employees can wash their hands? She's also seen some retailers put up plexiglass shields between cashiers and customers to help reduce the cashiers' potential exposure. Grocers are also seeing a surge in demand.

Supermarkets countrywide are looking to hire workers to stock shelves and cashiers to meet customers' needs as they practice social distancing. Current job openings: Kroger is looking to hire 10, new employees, East Coast-based supermarket chain Stop and Shop announced it would hire 5, employees, and Aldi has thousands of job openings.

Find grocery store positions at KrogerStop and Shopand Aldi's websites, or at sites like Indeed. What to consider: Like retailers, grocery store associates come into regular contact with customers, heightening their risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

Sorensen says practices like strategic scheduling come into play here, too. Ask your prospective employer what their current scheduling policies are how much do coiled tubing operators make see if they're taking precaution.

Trader Joe's and Star Marketfor example, are implementing strict rules about the number of customers able to shop in their stores at a time and ensuring a six-foot distance between customers when they wait in line to get in or to pay. With millions of Americans sheltering in place, delivery drivers are in high demand.

They deliver food and packages to homes and transport goods between warehouses and retailers. Hourly wage: Delivery drivers in the U. Current job openings: Amazon recently announced it would be openingfull and part-time positions, including those within its delivery network.

Find delivery driver jobs on Amazon's website or websites like LinkedIn. What to consider: "With a delivery driver, you have less potential for interaction with the public," says Sorensen, "so that what channel is jesse stone on one benefit. Sorensen recommends prospective employees inquire about what kind of system is in place for taking breaks, both for stress relief from the high pressures of delivery at this time and as an opportunity for employees to wash their hands.

Though you're not interacting with the public, she says, you're interacting with items that may have been touched by a lot of other people. Warehouse workers prepare customer orders by packing boxes and ensuring they get shipped correctly.

They also take stock of inventory and do maintenance on equipment. Almost every industry needs warehouse workers, but positions in the retail and the food industry are in especially high demand with so many consumers stocking up or ordering online.

Current job openings: Walmart recently announced it would be hiringmore full- and part-time employees, including in their distribution centers. PepsiCo, too, has announced it is hiring 6, new employees, among them warehouse workers.

Apply for warehouse jobs on Walmart or PepsiCo's websites or on sites like Indeed. What to consider: How to dial us from uk recommends prospective employees ask about things like "how close are people working with other workers" to ensure social distancing, break systems, and "how much overtime is already in place.

With so many people at home, services like Instacart and Shipt, through which designated shoppers do grocery shopping and delivery for a customer, have also seen a massive surge in demand. Current job openings: Instacart announced it would be hiringnew workers, and Shipt announced it would be hiring thousands more as well. Apply for jobs at Instacart and Shipt on their websites.

What to consider: When it comes to grocery delivery, "the more separation between workers and customers or clients that you can have," says Sorensen, "the better. Here, too, as contractors are handling items that have seen a lot of hands, it behooves a prospective employee to ask about what kind of break system is in place that would allow them to wash their hands frequently.

Line cooks prepare food in places like restaurants and cafes. Many people preferring not to leave the house are now deferring to take-out. Current job openings: To meet increased demand, Pizza Hut is hiring 30, new employeesamong them cooks. Papa John's, too, is hiring 20, new employeesincluding pizza makers. Domino's has also said it is looking to hire more pizza makers.

What to consider: "In some cases," like working in a kitchen, "the job simply demands closer quarters," says Sorensen. It's up to the many eateries now operating on a delivery basis, then, to think strategically about how to ensure their cooks aren't putting themselves in danger. If you're considering a job in a kitchen, ask your prospective employer how they're implementing social distancing, such as capitalizing on a break system that would stagger the number of people in the kitchen at a time.

The security how to write a profile in cv has continued to hire personnel, filling jobs like security guards, concierges, and vehicle patrol. Current job openings: Allied Universal is currently seeking to hire thousands of security personnel nationwide. Apply for jobs in the how to balence an equation industry on Allied's website or at sites like Indeed.

Some applicants are offered a job within 24 hours of applying, according to What is a research theme. What to consider: Here, too, ask your prospective employer what kind of regulations are in place to ensure social distancing, even with clients, says Sorenson. Ask what kind of breaks are offered so guards can wash their hands and what kind of overtime comes into play to ensure they are not what is 0800 in military time by the stresses of the job.

If you're interested in applying to one of these jobs, consider what safety precautions you'll need to take to mitigate your risk, given the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines : Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, wash surfaces like phonesand keep at least a six foot distance from people and wear a face mask if you leave the house.

Regardless of the job, one of the most important questions for all applicants to ask about is sick leave. If people are not paid when they're sick, they're more likely to come to work sick.

Ask your prospective employer what kind of sick leave policies exist both for full and part-time employees. And don't be shy about posing these questions as soon as the interview process, says Dan Teran, co-founder of office management company Managed by Q, which in the past employed hundreds of front-line workers.

Skip Navigation. VIDEO How to make hand sanitizer during the coronavirus outbreak. The more separation between workers and customers or clients that you can have, the better.

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15 most in-demand careers

Jul 18,  · At the top of the list of highest-demand jobs is personal care aide. As the population ages, hundreds of thousands of these aides are needed to help people with daily living tasks like bathing, brushing teeth, or using the bathroom. Personal care aides also handle light housekeeping tasks like preparing meals, washing dishes, and changing sheets. Apr 07,  · Current job openings: To meet increased demand, Pizza Hut is hiring 30, new employees, among them cooks. Papa John's, too, is hiring 20, new employees, including pizza makers. Domino's has also said it is looking to hire more pizza makers. Apply for line cook jobs on Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and Domino's websites or on usadatingescort.com: Gili Malinsky. Mar 20,  · These jobs are in high demand right now. According to Stats SA, the unemployment rate stood at 32,5% in the October-December quarter, up .

Whether you want to change professions or just starting your career after college, choosing a field or industry with jobs in high demand is a great way to find success. We have gathered a list of the top jobs that are always in demand in four fields. There are jobs in high demand in a wide range of industries, meaning you can find one that suits your interests and skills. The four fields that have experienced rapid growth in the past few years are health care, information technology IT , trade and hospitality.

Whether you like to work with your hands or enjoy problem-solving, you will find a job that is in high demand in one of these industries. Here are some of the top health care jobs in high demand:. Primary duties: Physician assistants aid doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals examine, diagnose and treat patients. Positions are available at hospitals or private medical practices. Primary duties: Registered nurses provide and coordinate health care for patients, as well as educating patients on how to care for their ailments.

They may also provide personal and emotional support for families dealing with a health crisis. All states require registered nurses to obtain a license. Primary Duties: Also known as a medical or clinical lab scientist, a medical technologist collects blood and tissue samples and conducts tests on them for a variety of illnesses. Some states also require a license to practice as a medical technologist.

Primary duties: A medical services manager coordinates, directs and oversees the day-to-day operations of health-care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. They may have oversight over the entire facility or work for one department. Primary duties: Nursing assistants provide primary care for patients at hospitals and nursing homes. They often work under the guidance of a registered nurse, helping complete tasks to make the jobs of registered nurses easier and smoother.

A Certified Nursing Assistant CNA distinction is mandatory in some states and may increase pay in states that do not require it. Primary duties: Also known as "caregivers" or "personal care aides," home health aides help patients with disabilities, illnesses and other health issues with daily living activities.

Requirements: Home health aides must have a high school diploma and may also have to complete training and a standardized test.

Primary duties: Scrum masters, or "product owners," lead product teams in the technology world. They collaborate with teams to find the best way to create products, communicate with stakeholders and keep their team on track to complete goals. Primary duties: With a rise in the availability and usage of mobile-based internet, application software developers create apps that run on both iOS and Android devices.

They may develop apps for companies, freeware or games for large companies, startups or individuals. To complete this task, they may update software, implement new security systems and educate employees on internet usage.

Primary duties: An operations research analyst investigates technical issues within a company and develops a set of solutions that enables businesses to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Here are some of the top trade jobs that are in high demand or continue to grow. Primary duties: These individuals install, maintain and fix wind turbines on wind farms throughout the country. Requirements: Because the job of a wind turbine technician is relatively new, there are only a handful of trade schools around the country that offer a program.

Most technicians learn the position through on-the-job training. Primary duties: Solar photovoltaic installers, also known as "solar installers," install, maintain and repair solar panels in residential and commercial settings.

Requirements: Most trade schools now offer programs in solar installation, but many solar photovoltaic installers gain their knowledge and expertise through on-the-job training. Primary duties: Construction laborers have general construction expertise and work on construction sites. They may backfill areas around the foundation, run small machinery, do touch-up painting or clean up debris from a job site.

Requirements: Construction laborers do not have a minimum education requirement or level of experience, making it an open field for entry-level workers. Primary duties: Although the growth rate is less than the other jobs on this list, material handlers are always in high demand because supply, logistics and inventory management requires them.

Material handlers use equipment such as forklifts or manual labor to move materials and products around a warehouse or onto trucks or other shipping transportation. Requirements: With no formal education or experience required, the only requirement from employers is that material handlers can handle the physical workload regularly.

Here are some of the best hospitality jobs in high demand:. Primary duties: Tour guides plan, organize and conduct sightseeing or adventure tours for travelers from across the globe. These tours can range from mountaineering expeditions to a sightseeing tour of a city or museum. Primary duties: Cooks prepare and serve food in a variety of settings.

While standalone restaurants employ the most cooks, resorts, hotels and schools are also choices. Specialized chefs may also find employment in private households. Requirements: Most cooks do not need any formal education. However, on-the-job experience and a degree from a culinary school can increase their salary. Primary duties: Bartenders mix cocktails and pour drinks for patrons at bars, restaurants, hotels or resorts.

They must interact with guests in a friendly manner. Requirements: While some bartenders go to bartending school to learn the basics of the trade, others gain practical experience. Primary duties: Also known as "waiters" or "waitresses," servers communicate the orders of customers to the kitchen, run food and bus tables. They may also have to do some light cleaning or prep the dining area before opening or after closing. Requirements: No formal education is required to become a server and many receive on-the-job training.

Strong communication skills and the ability to work under pressure are valuable skills. Regardless of your area of expertise or study, you can find a job that is in high demand in any industry. You have a range to choose from based on your preferences and level of experience and education.

Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Finding a Job. What jobs are always in high demand? Health care jobs in high demand. Physician assistant. Registered nurse. Medical technologist. Medical services manager. Nursing assistant. Home health aide. IT jobs in high demand. Scrum master. Application software developer.

Information security analyst. Operations research analyst. Trade jobs in high demand. Wind turbine technician. Solar photovoltaic installer. Construction Laborer. Material handler. Hospitality jobs in high demand. Tour guide. Related View More arrow right. The Essential Job Search Guide A checklist with how-tos for each stage of the job search: how to apply, resume tips, interview advice and more.

How to Find the Best Jobs for You In any job search, you have to sort through many job postings to find the ones that are right for you. Follow these five guidelines to narrow in on the best.

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